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NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
badly no WYSIWYG editor for this :\

Yes Every part rely on each other
in a way to somehow work around this you can use placeholders and implement relation between elements
here one is 2/3 of total height and the other is 1/3
height defaulting to 144
 	<define class="titler_boxes" placeholders="height=144">
<!-- shadow -->
<square name="shadow_bottom" color="#000000" visibility="10%">
<pos x="+6" y="+[HEIGHT]"/>
<size width="14+1400-6" height="6"/>
<square name="shadow_end" color="#000000" visibility="10%">
<pos x="+14+1400" y="+4"/>
<size width="4" height="[HEIGHT]+2"/>
<!-- boxes -->
<square name="red_ribbon" color="#e30613">
<pos x="+0" y="+0"/>
<size width="14" height="[HEIGHT]"/>
<square name="dark_top" color="#1d1d1d">
<pos x="+14" y="+0"/>
<size width="1400" height="[HEIGHT]/3"/>
<square name="light_button" color="#ffffff">
<pos x="+14" y="+[HEIGHT]*2/3"/>
<size width="1400" height="[HEIGHT]/3"/>
and add a height to panel(s) calling it
of course same can apply to width and position i.e.:
<position y="900-[HEIGHT]/>"
assuming declared skin is 1440x900, adjust to your needs

1) shadow_bottom and shadow_end can be a <line>
2) instead of reloading a track to update you can disable and enable video again (using ctrl+V)
3) Take very care about math in skin:
operators do not have precedence and are computed before the next one
values are integer only and rounded at every step
i.e. :
1+3*3/8 ==> 4*3/8 ==> 12/8 = 2
3*3/8+1 ==> 9/8+1 ==> 1+1 = 2
1+3/8*3 ==> 4/8*3 ==> 1*3 = 3
3/8*3+1 ==> 0*3+1 ==> 0+1 = 1

Mensajes Tue 07 Sep 21 @ 11:58 am
Thx @nicotux

Think I've got some idea to solve the equation here.

Using 1080p since it seems to scale down to the 720P anyway

Mensajes Tue 07 Sep 21 @ 3:18 pm
Rune (DJ-In-Norway) wrote :
Discussion about Title GFX 1

Thanks DJ-In-Norway for sharing your one of your masterpiece.

Mensajes Sun 10 Oct 21 @ 9:22 am