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Tema: poi macros sometimes not working
Im working on a project where i use several poi macros.
Sometimes i play the song and the macro just doesnt work, then i rewind the song and play the exact same section again without having anything changed and now it works.
Is there some functionality i am not aware of or is this a bug?

Mensajes Sun 12 Jun 22 @ 2:49 pm
soenPRO SubscriberMember since 2022
You're not crazy, I've seen this happen too. I ended up stopping using POIs and just use scripted macros from my Novation Launchpad instead.

Mensajes Thu 23 Jun 22 @ 10:50 pm
it happens to me sometimes as well has for a long time ... usually happens if i move eq or some other control on my controller right before the poi should activate

Mensajes Thu 23 Jun 22 @ 10:59 pm