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ikkeHome userMember since 2003
I think the title explains himself ;)
Do you use any other DJ software, and what do you like more in these other softs than in AtomixMP3 (=why do you still use them?).
Maybe you can also write what you like more in Atomix than in the other packages...


Greetz, ikke

Mensajes Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 3:26 pm
SalvaPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Oke here it goes,

I have a bar/pub and i decided to go digital, afther i ript all my cd's i searched for software that was easy too juse for everbody that works for me.

So i bought Vdj2, well let's say that the sound was oke and the dynamics where perfect (every mp3 played on the same quality).
But the layout sucks bigtime, so it was hard to search for songs or make a playlist etc.

So i bought Atomix 1.12, and this was a big step forward, the search was oke and the record case looked good so atomixmp3 had a good layout but it was impossible to juse it like a sort of juke-box and the dynamics sucked bigtime!!
But my god when i jused it for live mixing people thought GODDAME THAT BOY CAN BEATMIX ;-)) so i jused it for live mixing.

Then i say pcdj with the Newmark controller, i looked at the specs. and this is what i wanted, the bleu version had a option that would play every mp3 at the same volume and there whas a easy search option you could make playlist's and you could do that all with the controller (exapt the search) then i had it at home and...... my god i had to tag all off my files :-(, And again there was too much difference in my mp3's volume and sound (again no Dynamics).
So i solded the controller and software it was too much work and it didn't played the mp3's right. (but the controller kicked ass)
Than i found a program that's goes by the name Otsjuke i downloaded the demo, and o my god it sucked bigtime but the Dynamic processor is the best!!!, but again no luck :-(

So now i rent a digital music-system for like 100 euro's a month and i juse atomix for live mixing.

There is a program by the name bpm and this has it almost they have Dynamic, like 5 different hardware controllers and a good recordcase (layout) but no autobeat mixing :-( and it's too much money for me )

so ill be waiting for Atomix to perfectionise there software, before i can use it all round.

grtz Salva

Mensajes Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 4:49 pm
ikkeHome userMember since 2003
I think the company on is just the dutch reseller of BPM Studio (Pro).

Mensajes Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 5:03 pm
i use mixmeister also, i like it a lot for remixing and creating perfect mixes etc... But of course it isn't very usable if u use it live... (not even mixmeister pro

Mensajes Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 10:36 pm
Before 2.0 was released, I was using Mixvibes (Version 3.11 at the time). At that time, I was deciding whether to pruchase Atomix 1.12 or Mixvibes 3.11.

The only two things that I really liked about mixvibes are:

- Support for up to 16 channels (Atomix can really use another channel .... but I understand that it would be way too complex to implement and would make the interface way more confusing)

- Needs very little hardware requirements (but thats not really an issue ?)

- Had very low latency actions, meaning when you performed a function, it would respond instantl (i.e: Cue, loop, play/pause functions, etc)

Mixvibes now has their 4.0 version out which is much improved, but STILL not as amazing as atomix. It now incorporates a VERY bad curve display (which was stolen from atomix ?) where you can't even nudge the curves to fast forward or go back. It is also alot more expensive than atomix and future updates are NOT free.

I have seen people compare mixvibes to atomix, both had their ups and downs, but now that 2.1 is coming soon, it will be clear who the market leader is.

-- Dave --

Mensajes Sun 17 Mar 02 @ 10:53 pm

PCDJ Red all the way.
I tried to use Atomix and it was too toyish for me.
Sorry guys.


Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 4:29 am
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Tried PCDJ Red... it sucked, tried mix vibes, it sucked, tried ots juke, it was very weak, there were several others over the years, but really nothing comes close to Atomix. The post above me says he used PCDJ, I just can't understand why anyone would. The difference in ease of use, and the quality of the mix is so much better with Atomix. I used PCDJ for a few months before I stumbled across Atomix. Man, was I relieved to find this software.

Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 7:52 am
HomeboyPRO InfinitySupport ManagerMember since 2003
@anonymous, I have tried pcdj Red it does not have half the features that Atomix has to offer and it is 3 times as expensive !

DJ Homeboy

Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 9:15 am
gjamanHome userMember since 2002
i've been lookin around for all mixing software available and for me TRAKTOR is the best. Auto-BPM, auto beat matching, scratching effects, very cool equalizer, filters, effects, and with the best audio quality (better than atomixmp3)
For me, Traktor is THE professional software.
v2.0 of Traktor will be released very soon, expect the unbelievable !!

Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 11:24 am
The best program which I ever tried is Traktor dj mixer,because is MORE professional than other programs...If atomix team adds some features which have traktor (like automix without skips...),atomix will be the best dj program in the world!I think which a good things of atomix mp3 are the variability of plugins and skins,a thing which haven't many programs...
Sorry for my bad english, but I'm an italian dj,I hope you understand...

Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 12:50 pm
Isn't deejaying bout mixing the music yourself? "automix" is something for wannabe dj's ... hope nobody's offended ...

Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 4:19 pm
DJ RickPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Automix comes in handy prior to your actual start time, and after your actual finish. (and if you have to use the bathroom) With the last couple of Betas there has been no skipping during the automix that I have noticed. It also comes in real handy if you want to play a full LP side. Sometimes if I arive early at my one "all request" bar, I'll throw up an full cd list of tracks, like a Pink Floyd, or side 2 of Abbey Road. Set it to no mix, and the transitions are as good as if you are listening to the actual CD. Automix definately has it's place in the DJ world.

Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 5:07 pm
stuxxxPRO InfinityMember since 2003

Hi all

Yes Dj'ing is about mixing the music yourself but why not use technology to give you a helping hand !!! I've been in the business 20 years+ and when i started CD's let alone MP3's were just a distant dream...

Also it a dam sight easier walkin into the club with a laptop and external hard drive in ya bag... Try doing that with a few thousand 12" vinyls....

You can't dis-invent the wheel so look forward not back

This is the future and Atomix is right out there in front...

2.1 is due out this week and i think you'll all be surprised in the advances made in the short time since V2 came out...
Its looking and sounding superb. I can't say anymore than that.

The team have, I'm sure been workin very hard and when you consider the upgrades are free !!! Why are there so many moaners out there !!! Give these guys encouragement to push the boundries and before you know it we will be discussing 2.2 not 2.1.

I have tried (bought ! not demo'd) just about all of the software on the market and nothing really touches Atomix..

Cheers all


Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 5:16 pm
Just because it has an automix feature ... doesn't mean everyone uses it ???? I have never used the automix feature one .... since I use atomix just as I would with a CD player ... I still have to set a cue point .... match the gain and EQ levels on my mixer .... manually beatmatch (for hip-hop songs). To me it's as professional or simple as you want it to be.

-- Dave --

Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 5:25 pm
hey Stu !!!!!! I totally agree with what you are saying !

We've had this discussion only about a few thousand times before about mp3 vs. CD/Vinyl . To me with formats such as MP3 and CD ... Vinyl seems so primitive !!!

Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 5:34 pm
PCDJ Red just seemed to be more reliable. I don't mind paying the money if it worked. The last thing i wanted to happen is to be left with dead air on gig with Atomix DJ.
In the end,I suppose it's a personal choice. I DJ's straight for 9 hours with PCDJ and it never failed.


Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 6:08 pm
stuxxxPRO InfinityMember since 2003
I agree, use the program your comfortable with, for me thats Atomix, Just insure there are no other programs running in the background and switch off any anti virus software... Its easy for me as i run a dedicated laptop just for Atomix, i realise this is not possible for most people...

And talkin about dead air...Does anyone remember Vinyl....It was noisy, crackled,jumped and clicked more times than i care to remember and occasionly stuck all together !!!!

And what did we do in these situations !!! improvise !!! thats wot live DJ'ing is all about well at least it used to be !!!!

Happy mixing all


Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 6:35 pm
I've tried them all, even programs you probably haven't heard of. In the end I come back to Atomixmp3 and I am still using it now. The latest software I tried was MixVibes Pro 4 which has attempted to copy Atomix and is almost laughable.

I've tried Traktor in the past and have been very disappointed. If there is a new version out or soon to be released I will of course give it a fair trial. I do not hold out much hope, however.

PCDJ Red is just plain bad. I do not need to say more.

So, now you know.

Mensajes Mon 18 Mar 02 @ 6:35 pm
dj2nvHome userMember since 2004
I Used to use VTT PCDj and Mixvibes... untill i discovered atomix 1.12!!!!!

Now all i ever use is atomixmp3!!! ITS THE BEST!!!
.::DJ Ben Jammin::.

Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 3:56 am
It seems like the most popular programs that people have tried is: PCDJ, Traktor, and Mixvibes.

Has anyone tried Any of the sonic foundry products (sound forge ... acid .. etc) ???

Mensajes Tue 19 Mar 02 @ 5:15 am
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