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 Acw DJControl Instinct Performance

Custom Mappers
Downloads: 742

This is a custom mapping allowing you to do a lot more with this simple controller. Up to 8 effects per deck, 16 samples, pitch fine adjustment, 4 deck operation.I also add a full operation manual in pdf. Enjoy!

Available on : PC Mac PC (32bit)

 PC Optimizer

Downloads: 8 087

This tool will optimize your computer by killing background processes that take up valuable resources. Download and leave this tool on your desktop to Optimize your computer for DJ performance.

Last update: Fri 27 Feb 15 @ 8:29 am
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 Registry Legacy Cleaner

Downloads: 3 796

Removes VirtualDJ legacy entries from Windows registry (ver 7 or older). VirtualDJ 8 (and later) settings are stored in separate settings file in Documents>VirtualDJ and are not affected. Delete that file instead to reset settings in VirtualDJ 8 or later.

Last update: Thu 10 Dec 15 @ 3:51 pm
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 lst to m3u converter

Downloads: 3 744

Sync Alcatech BPM Studio database to VDJ 8. Converts playlists and history files to separate VDJ readable playlists

Last update: Mon 05 Nov 18 @ 12:18 pm
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 PlaylistFixer 8

Downloads: 3 741

PlaylistFixer 8 is fixing your playlists and history files after you moved some files and VirtualDJ can't find them anymore. It is basically using the filename to find the file, but if it findes more than one file with the same name, it takes the one with

Last update: Fri 19 Jan 18 @ 8:21 pm
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 PsyDeva KeyBord ShortCuts

Last update: Tue 22 Sep 20 @ 5:29 pm
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 La Mia Libreria

Database Filters
Downloads: 1 698

AGGIORNAMENTO 2020: lo strumento essenziale per gestire il tuo database VirtualDJ, con cartelle intelligenti per individuare rapidamente le tracce presenti nella tua raccolta.

Available on : PC Mac PC (32bit)