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 ignoreDrives Calculator

A small tool for windows that calculates the value you need to enter on "ignoreDrives" setting in VirtualDj 8 in order to ignore the database of those drive(s)

Date added: Thu 16 Jul 15 @ 3:32 amLast update: Thu 16 Jul 15 @ 3:33 am

 Traktor Kontrol Z2 Trigger Buttons Template

This is not a mapper. It is a Controller Editor Template to set the buttons of Kontrol Z2 to trigger mode instead of the default toggle mode. Please click the "Comments" link below to read more about it.

Date added: Thu 29 Jan 15 @ 4:09 amLast update: Thu 29 Jan 15 @ 4:10 am

 slicer mod G2V mapping

To operate the Slicer press SHIFT and AUTOLOOP parameters still operate on FX dials

Date added: Sat 29 Nov 14 @ 8:14 pmLast update: Tue 06 Jan 15 @ 10:03 am

 Vestax VCI-400DJ

mapper and definition for the Vestax VCI-400DJ, it support 2 & 4 deck skins.

Date added: Sat 12 Oct 13 @ 8:10 amLast update: Sat 12 Oct 13 @ 8:10 am
 v1.1 Comments

 Freestyler Command Converter

This programm converts Freestyler commands from VDJ7 syntax to VDJ8 syntax. Simply import your VDJ8 database with the old Freestyler commands, review the converted POI's and export to a new database. PC only

Date added: Fri 19 Jun 15 @ 8:27 amLast update: Wed 16 Sep 15 @ 10:11 am