Activate a different function if the button is held down for a given amount of time

Last edit by richb70, Professional edition user on Wed 19 Oct 16 @ 12:47 am

By using holding, you can get a button to perform two different functions depending on whether it's 'clicked' or held down and then released. The amount of time in milliseconds can be optionally specified. E.g: A LOAD button on a controller could be mapped to the following:

holding 2000ms ? unload : load

This will cause the button to load the selected song from the browser if the button is clicked, and unload the song from the deck if the button is held down for 2 seconds and then released.

NOTE: You should be careful using holding with actions where timing is critical, such as hot_cue. This is because the function is triggered when the button is released rather than pressed, resulting in a small random delay depending on how fast you press and release the button. For load/unload, this is not important, but if you are trying to play a hot cue on the beat, this delay may result in your mix being slightly out of time.

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