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 Analyze for BPM etc

Q. How do I pre-analyze my music collection?

Pre-analysing all your songs at home prior to a gig is strongly recommended. This will insure that all songs have the correct gain, BPM, key, song length and that the ID3 tags have been read. In particular, this will avoid the sudden change in volume that can occur when loading an unanalyzed song and starting to play it before loading is complete. This is due to the fact that the correct gain setting is not known until the song has been loaded in full.

It will also allow you to see the BPM, song length and key of all your songs in the browser (If you have these columns enabled). This information is not known to VirtualDJ until the song has been scanned.

If your Music library lies in a specific Drive or folder simply right-click on that folder and choose Batch then Analyze for BPM etc. VirtualDJ will then analyze all the tracks contained in that folder including all it's sub-folders. This process can also be applied to individual tracks in the File List or groups of tracks by selecting them all (CTRL+A on PC or CMD+A on Mac).

When you add new music to your database in the future it will also need to be analyzed. To avoid analyzing your entire library, add the music to your search database and create a Filter Folder with the script isscanned=0. Navigating back to that folder will then display all the files in your library that have not been analyzed.

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