Timecode Vinyl Wow And Flutter

Q. When using timecode vinyl, the BPM/pitch keeps going up and down. How do I fix this?

When using timecode vinyl, depending on your settings, you may see the on-screen BPM/pitch value going up and down and/or constantly changing.

This is normal for timecode vinyl and is caused by wow and flutter of the vinyl turntable. No vinyl deck ever runs at a perfect constant speed. However, normally these variances should be very small (+/- 0.01 - 0.05 BPM.) If you are getting larger variances, then your decks may need adjusting/calibrating or they may need to be upgraded to a better model. Make sure that you are also using direct drive turntables. Belt-driven are not suitable for DJ use.

Because this variance in speed remains constant, this will not affect manual beat matching by ear. However, if you mix visually or using the on-screen BPM counters, it will be very difficult to mix with these variations.

You can smooth out these variances by adjusting the pitch sensibility option. The variances will still be there, but you won't see them. Instead, you will see the average value.

To adjust pitch sensibility, go to CONFIG -> Sound Setup, click on the Timecode Config button and then click on the Debug button.

Adjust the pitch sensibility slider to suit your preference.

NOTE: Increasing this slider will also affect using master tempo/keylock (It will take longer to adjust to the new pitch setting as you move the pitch slider.)

NOTE: This problem can also occur with timecode CD if the pitch sensibility is set very low or the CD players are faulty.

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