VDJ Remote Will Not Connect

VDJ Remote requires VirtualDJ v7.4.6 or VDJ 8 to work. If you are running an older version than this, then please upgrade to the latest version or download the latest VirtualDJ Home FREE.

For PC users, please ensure that you have the Bonjour service installed on your computer. For Mac users, ensure that the latest program updates are installed.

Make sure that both your computer and mobile device are connected to the same wireless network and can see each other. Try browsing the web on the device before starting VDJ Remote to ensure that the wireless network is active and working.

Make sure that any firewall software installed on your computer is not blocking the mobile device from connecting to VirtualDJ and/or the Bonjour service.

NOTE: You must use a proper WiFi network connection, not Bluetooth. If you do not have access to wireless access point, then you can create an Ad-Hoc network instead (See the step-by-step instructions on the pages linked below.)

PC Create an Adhoc network - Windows
Mac Create an Adhoc network - Mac

* VDJ Remote is a remote control only.
** It is not a full DJ'ing application and cannot be used stand-alone.
*** Sound cannot be output through the headphone socket of the mobile device being used.
**** VDJ Remote is not free and must be purchased from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

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