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Tema: loopout and fade...........

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Is there a plugin that will work like the Loopout V2.01 effect but also fade the video as well?? It wouldnt even have to loop the video just fade it out with the audio. Can this be done or mapped out in some why?
Thanks for your time and help.....

Mensajes Sun 11 Apr 10 @ 11:49 pm
Hey Beat !! you should of mentioned it to me earlier...I believe its the SMX-1 plugin. does that and more!!! but thats exactly what I use it for....chec it out...under sound fx plugins of course..

Mensajes Mon 12 Apr 10 @ 12:25 am
@Tracker can you post a link??

Cancel that bro, theres no plugin by that name anyone else wanna give me an answer??

Mensajes Mon 12 Apr 10 @ 12:55 am

Mensajes Mon 12 Apr 10 @ 1:10 am
Oh yes there isssss...he,he (thanks Disco !) Sorry I went to town to get my new Hard Drive....SCORED!! $35?!?

Mensajes Mon 12 Apr 10 @ 6:06 am
This plugin has no effect on the video, only audio, From what I've read and been told Looping out a video can t be done yet. So right now I have to hit 1 button for the Loopout effect and then use a fader mapped out to control the volume of that deck, linked to Fadetoblack. Any takers???

Mensajes Tue 13 Apr 10 @ 7:12 am
Sounds like the one way to do it"Breaker"...but try "Loop out V.2" you'll find a whole bunch of tricks in this plugin and it does loop the video,I know ,I've used it just dont have the program opened now...

Mensajes Tue 13 Apr 10 @ 8:39 pm
@thetracker, Loopout v.2 is an AUDIO effect it will not do anything to the until a loopout for VIDEO comes out I'll just do it the way I explained earlier.

Mensajes Tue 13 Apr 10 @ 9:02 pm
Are there any plans on makin loopout effect for video as well? This is a kick ass effect and it would be great if it could fade out the vidoe as well as the audio.................

Mensajes Wed 14 Apr 10 @ 11:38 am would be .....any takers ?

Mensajes Wed 14 Apr 10 @ 11:42 pm
Why don't you map two buttons on your keyboard/controller to do the following:

deck 1 effect select "Loop out V.2" & deck 1 effect active & deck 2 video_transition

deck 2 effect select "Loop out V.2" & deck 2 effect active & deck 1 video_transition

Mensajes Tue 20 Apr 10 @ 4:28 pm

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