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Tema: "Impossible To Open File" Error?

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When I attempt to open certain zip files in VDJ I get an error message and unable to play it. I thought is was a corrupt zip file but the same files
will open up and play fine in other programs(KB Karaoke Player, Siglos, etc.). Wouldn't be a big issue but I have many files like this and I don't want to unzip all of them which would take a year and a day. I've been using VDJ for my karaoke shows and it's awesome. I fade/transition into a music video/song when the karaoke song has ended! Like I said, awesome program, except for this ZIP file issue.

What's the deal?

Thanks in advance

G Man

Mensajes Fri 13 May 11 @ 7:10 pm
apopsisPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2003
Try to unzip such a file, then zip it again using the standard windows zip function.
I believe that some advanced zip algorithms or settings used by some compression programs for higher compression ratio are not compatible.
If this is the case, you should find these files and re-compress them with the standard settings.
A good idea is to open a support ticket and send us on of these files for further analysis.

Mensajes Fri 13 May 11 @ 8:40 pm
Thanks. I generated a ticket and also attached one of my zip files that won't open in VDJ

Mensajes Mon 16 May 11 @ 10:34 pm
HI there,
Are the files Sound Choice? I have ALOT of Sound choice files. some will open fine, but most of them won't they show up in the browser and show up when I search, but when I drag them into the rotation or try to drag them into the player, the file name shows up, but there is an error msge. I am totally confused as to why.
HELP and thanks

Mensajes Sat 21 May 11 @ 10:33 am
Please check the following:

(1) The karaoke files are in MP3+G format (.mp3 file + .cdg file.) VirtualDJ does not support .kar MIDI files, .bin files or playing Karaoke directly from the original CD+G discs. If you have original CDG discs, you will need to 'rip' them to MP3+G format, or purchase karaoke in MP3+G format directly from on-line karaoke vendors. To find tools for ripping MP3+G, please search Goggle for: rip mp3+g

(2) The files have been named correctly - The .ZIP file (If zipped) and the .MP3 and .CDG files contained within it must all have the same name, e.g:

ABBA - Dancing Queen (SF123-01).zip
|- ABBA - Dancing Queen (SF123-01).mp3
`- ABBA - Dancing Queen (SF123-01).cdg

(3) If zipped, the .ZIP file is not corrupted or is using non-standard compression. Some older karaoke ripping software produces corrupted .ZIP files that VirtualDJ cannot read. If you have trouble loading a .ZIP, simply extract its contents and then rezip it again using the .ZIP support built-into Windows XP and above (Right-click -> Send to compressed folder) or MacOS (CMD + click -> Create archive)

NOTE: With today's large hard drives, zipping is not really necessary.

NOTE: On a Mac, please ensure that you do not have too many ZIP files in the same folder, otherwise they will not be displayed. Most KJ's usually organise their collection by disk number (E.g: /Karaoke/Sunfly/SF123, /Karaoke/Sunfly/SF124, etc.) so this is not usually a problem.

(4) You have added the files to your VirtualDJ database. To do this, use the VirtualDJ browser to browse to the folder where they are located, right-click on it and choose Add to search DB

(5) You have not disabled the display of karaoke files - Click on the eye icon (Or bullet button in VirtualDJ v6) to the far-right of the browser search bar and ensure that karaoke is ticked.

Mensajes Sat 21 May 11 @ 1:01 pm
I am having the same problem opening Zipped Karaoke files, they are MP3+G and work in many other software programs and most of them are Sound Choice, I have a large karaoke collection and all others open fine. I simply have way too many to open and re-zip every song. Is there some sort of batch action or tool I can use to fix my whole collection in one shot.

Mensajes Mon 11 Jul 11 @ 10:02 pm

Mensajes Sun 29 Apr 12 @ 12:28 pm
vdjle vms2 controller, this software won't open. its says skin is impossible to open. please help.

Mensajes Fri 28 Nov 14 @ 10:40 am

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