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NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Does someone a simple take interest to audio VBAN transmitter?
stream audio to any VBAN receiver
(Send one deck (or master) to Unique IP or Multicast IP to any VBAN Receptor or Voicemeeter (Bannana - Potato) without the need of them


Mensajes Thu 07 May 20 @ 11:28 am
I don't quite understand the question.
However I have tried VoiceMeeter apps and they work fine with VirtualDJ as long as you understand how to set up everything.
To send audio via LAN and VBAN you better use cable LAN and not Wi-Fi. Also there's a slight delay between local audio feed and the receptor audio feed even in local wired LAN, but that's something to be expected with such apps.

PS: I have tried the Android receiver app as well and it also works fine. But for multiple receivers on the same network you'll need more than just a good wi-fi router / access point.

Mensajes Fri 08 May 20 @ 6:55 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
It seems i was away while writting ^^
The question is:
Does someone take interest to a simple audio VBAN transmitter?

A native simple VBAN transmitter plugin is ready (does not need VoiceMeeter to send audio to VBAN Reveiver)
If someone is interest in I can finalise it and upload it
Tested with Android & PC receivers

Allow simple per deck and master with different network settings (network and channel but does not share socket)
(It may be used to sonorise externals - pool & play areas, parking - away of the main dance floor, where latency is not an issue)

Of course it's Working as you say, delay ... (depending on samplingRate, network latency, buffers size...)
Multicast allowing multile wired receivers, WIFI allowing at most the max WIFI connections (mainly up to 8 per cell depending on router/access point)
and of course if Voicemeeter does it but with the need of more memory, cpu power and configuration time as you say "as you understand how to set up everything"


Mensajes Fri 08 May 20 @ 7:57 pm
HrohhhHome userMember since 2020
Hi, what is status of plugin? It would be nice... Thanks

Mensajes Mon 19 Jul 21 @ 9:28 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
It's somehow an abandonware
there is a one year old beta one that was working with some systems but not on some other configs
look like this is a common issue with this protocol

however when it is working in multicast it's fine to get audience with smartphone and headphone and possibly multiple channels ;)

can be made available and if you are a developer source code too

Mensajes Mon 19 Jul 21 @ 9:41 pm
HrohhhHome userMember since 2020
I think, that VBAN works on multicast over wifi it can be tricky, because some routers can blocks multicast packets. In past I bought FM radio transmitter over aliexpress, but in real word is not legal (logical). My project was silent disco on my garden - friends with FM radio and earplugs listening "quiet" songs and dancing anyway :))

If you can upload your beta plugin, it can be nice ! I Thank you.

Mensajes Tue 20 Jul 21 @ 7:20 pm

Mensajes Wed 21 Jul 21 @ 11:51 am
Yes "car FM transmitters" and alike are allowed, with very low power
what is fun is distance limitation, knowing it mainly depends on weather and environmental conditions
(propagation mysteries, I once got New York from Paris+ using FM mode car CB with standard 500mW power, both ways TX/RX )

Here is the 64bit version of VBanEmitter beta!AnSOFuC3eKrugmNFEP4bBtUGlPyU?e=6yKwQa
and source code is here (with both 32 & 64 bit plugins compiled)!AnSOFuC3eKruh05GnkNjOs-EcmeP?e=BUTsXE
This was a trial, not to install voicemeeter...
Working fine on my (Nicotux) perso system but not always on my other one (Bigbaromilly) for unknown reason
It have issue with port slider (do not use it or edit .ini file instead if needed)

VBAN can be used normaly using its ORIGINAL creator's softwares : VB-Audio voicemeeter and spot

Mensajes Wed 21 Jul 21 @ 12:19 pm
HrohhhHome userMember since 2020

Mensajes Thu 22 Jul 21 @ 10:35 am
HrohhhHome userMember since 2020
I have request for you Bigbaromilly. I dont know about C++ nothing, Im only web frontend developer - node.js, css, php, etc. I have idea about new plugin, which will expand VirtualDJ to more developers.
Plugin itself will be simple http web server running for example on port 8080. It will be listening for json request.
GET request -> localhost:8080 -> {"vdjscript": "get_text '`get_title` - `get_key`"'}
Plugin will return value of vdjscript json {"return" : "Madonna - xxx"}

1) It can be usefull for radio broadcasters. It can print on website actual title of song in real time.
2) VirtualDJ can be controller remotely. For example it can act like Jukebox. I can make web app in php/css/js, which will read m3u playlist ( in m3u are full paths of songs). Friends will pick up song over web UX. Javascript do GET request to PC with VDJ {"vdjscript":"load 'D:\song.mp3'"} . It will add song to automix.

What do you think? It is to complicated plugin for you?

Mensajes Thu 22 Jul 21 @ 1:12 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
get request is possible with the last line of

there's a setting for the info it includes.
With a carefully setup askthedj and a bit of script there no need for anything else.

Mensajes Thu 22 Jul 21 @ 1:57 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
1) That's a common request over the forum
more simple to be a VDJ core feature but a plugin

2) One point : I do not think VDJ would like the users to pass over restrictions about remote/controllers for home user, it's their business ^^ so that the part with vdjscript is not something to be done
and... can be scripted using askthedj

my knowledge in windows dev is limited to basis

So that yes it's for now too complicated for me
but it looks it can be part of VBAN protocol
and another plugin (spout plugin) can have some similar feature added (spout command) not actually used

Mensajes Thu 22 Jul 21 @ 1:57 pm
HrohhhHome userMember since 2020
Ok I see. Can you explain me please, how can I achieve this over ask the dj function?
After summer I will try create plugin in C++.

Mensajes Fri 23 Jul 21 @ 6:01 pm