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Tema: Auto Gain Feature
I Love Virtual DJ, and since 2013, I have used every version of it, and its been rock solid, however, there is one feature that I still think needs looking at, which is auto gain.

When you use a Controller, if you set auto gain, it moves the toggle around, now, some would say that you should set the gain in my headphones, or the pfl meter, which I get, but this is really annoying when using a controller.

I would like a silent auto gain, in which the software automatically alters the level, without phisically moving, or altering the gain knob in the software, when you are playing genre's ranging from the 1970's to the present day, there is a huge difference in levels, and music quality as most people who DJ will appreciate.




Mensajes Sat 24 Jul 21 @ 5:20 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
This is what the default settings do. (autoGain auto and gainSliderIncludesAutoGain yes)
With this, autoGain is applied when the gain knob is in the center, so without looking you can just put the knob on your controller to the center and then make small adjustments as you want.

Mensajes Sat 24 Jul 21 @ 6:26 am
Hmm ! well not really, if I load a song with auto gain on, the gain knob on the software moves around to the position it feels is at the correct level, but on the controller is still at 12 o clock.

This is where controller pickup comes in, and could potentially ruin the sound levels.

what i'm looking for, is that the software raises (or lowers) the gain, without any physical intervention (Silent), allowing my controller gain to stay vertical, so that I can make adjustments accordingly from that position.

Mensajes Mon 26 Jul 21 @ 10:24 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Sounds like you have gainSliderIncludesAutogain disabled then

Mensajes Tue 27 Jul 21 @ 3:20 am
I have surrender on the Auto Gain Settings. I have gone back to the old school method of checking the gains visually with the meters and double checking the levels by using the headphones. It's all good I don't expect the program to completely do everything for me, it has already made my life so easy and confortable since then.

Mensajes Tue 27 Jul 21 @ 6:22 pm
I find for 99% of tracks it does the job just fine.

If you have any that are wildly out try reanalyzing them.

Mensajes Tue 27 Jul 21 @ 6:48 pm