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Hi all I've been out of the loop for quite some time so sorry for the question - I'm sure its been asked multiple times but does anyone know if there is a direct way to export VDJ folders / tracks to Rekordbox, most importantly for the cue points etc . I really hope so as I'm just updating the new version of RB and have thousands of tracks I need on there for gigs and really don't want to just go through the whole process of re-doing them on RB - fingers crossed

By the way just before anyone says it I am aware you can gig with VDJ but I simply prefer to use RB purely based on the simplicity of hooking it up to the gear on the stage through the Pro link

thanks Guys Paul

Mensajes Mon 26 Jul 21 @ 5:17 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
What gear do you use with Pro Link ?
Interested in Standlone (sharing Media from one Player to the other) or RekordboxDJ in "Performance" mode or "Export Link" mode ?

If you use CDJ2000NXS2, CDJ3000, DJM900NXS2, DJMV10 VirtualDJ is supporting HID over LINK, all devices connected to a router using CAT5 cables and DJM mixer to USB.

Mensajes Mon 26 Jul 21 @ 7:19 pm
Hi DJDad - gear wise it mainly depends on the venue to be honest but my own stuff is CDJ 3000's & a DJM 2000 NXS mixer. I've used VDJ for years at home and for radio broadcast without any problems whatsoever but equally used Rekordbox basically ever since it was released on gigs or events, so its what I'm used to and works for me. It's not a reflection on VDJ's capabilities at all just what I'm happy with.

I do get that VDJ and RB are 'competitors' in the market place but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who would love some form if easy integration on the databases even if it was just on the cue points etc but also I fully understand why each of them need to protect their software as much a possible.

If anyone else reads this please don't think I'm having a dig at VDJ as I'm not at all, as said I've used it for years and will continue to use it for many more to come hopefully !


Mensajes Mon 26 Jul 21 @ 7:57 pm
You know you can export to CDJ USB sticks directly from VirtualDJ, don't you ?

Mensajes Tue 27 Jul 21 @ 5:43 am
Yep thanks I do know that although not really used it. Sticks in general are fine but are a little bit restrictive in my view. They are great if you have a planned set or good idea of what your going to play but not so good if you need to pull some obscure track out that you've just realised works perfectly with the flow of the tunes your currently playing.

Mensajes Tue 27 Jul 21 @ 12:12 pm