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locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Discussion about easyKRM

easyKRM, handles karaoke rotation, and adds some quality of life tweaks to make doing the karaoke thing easier. One instance of each singer in the karaoke list, placeholder management, copy paste singer names, direct link to singer history, singer list to text plugin.

Pro Users only, free to use, but if this is something you'll use regularly, You could buy me a beer.
[beer makes stupid ideas stupid realities!]

Feel free to try before you consider donating. please don't forget me.

Right then, the instructions.

Run the fx from master FX section.
Turning on the FX on will create "workingList" in your karaoke history.
This is the folder you will be working from. If you forget to set karaoke venue and wish to, set the venue name then give the fx a quick off & on [will change workingList location and where it looks for singer history]

Add songs with singers & key change to this list, [just drag them in, from history or from a search whatever]
Press button 1 to send from working list to actual karaoke list.
As songs are loaded as part of usual karaoke use, button 1 will be pressed automatically. [updating the karaoke list with any new singers, and replacing any placeholders if possible]
Only works with karaoke running.

The buttons;
button 2 'INSERT' will insert a placeholder to karaoke list & open name dialogue.
button 3 'COPY' will just copy the singer name that the browser is looking at.
button 4 'PASTE' will paste a copied name on to the track the browser is looking at.
Button 5 "HOLDER" if on it will add a placeholder for the previous singer to the karaoke list on karaoke load [only if no other track exists for that singer name in working folder]if off it won't placehold.
button 6 'TEXT' brings up current singers to text plugin.
button 7 'HTTP' is used for HTTP access for request apps. [adds song to workingList from effect_strings] more details for app developers in later post.
button 8 'CLEAR' clears the working folder [probably only ever used at the start of events]
button 9 'HISTORY' pull up history for singer browser is pointed at.
button 10 "SINGLE+" adds singer+song+keyChange pointed at to workingList.
tracks without singers aren't added to the karaoke list.

Video is always requested despite being explained as text, so here, I suffered making it, you can suffer watching it. Use subtitles [ha you still have to read]

Mensajes Wed 17 Nov 21 @ 8:48 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
padpage to go with it, one thing not on the FX gui is, text prefix to singers list. You'll find it in the padmenu under MESSAGE, it's only really a string variable [called 'message'] and can be set like any normal variable.

deck master set_var_dialog 'message' 'add some text'

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<page name="easyKRM">
<pad1 name="LIST">deck master effect_button 'easyKRM' 1</pad1>
<pad2 name="INSERT">deck master effect_button 'easyKRM' 2</pad2>
<pad3 name="COPY">deck master effect_button 'easyKRM' 3</pad3>
<pad4 name="PASTE">deck master effect_button 'easyKRM' 4</pad4>
<pad5 name="SINGLE+">deck master effect_button 'easyKRM' 10</pad5>
<pad6 name="HISTORY">deck master effect_button 'easyKRM' 9</pad6>
<pad7 name="TEXT">deck master effect_button 'easyKRM' 6</pad7>
<pad8 name="HOLDER">deck master effect_button 'easyKRM' 5</pad8>
<menu>Venue =[karaoke_venue_name]
Message =[deck master set_var_dialog 'message' 'add some text']
Clear =[deck master effect_button 'easykrm' 8]</menu>
<param1 name="`deck master effect_active 'easyKRM' ? get_text 'ON' : get_text 'OFF'`">deck master effect_active 'easyKRM' -1</param1>
<param2 visible="false" />


Mensajes Wed 17 Nov 21 @ 5:52 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
HTTP Access.

As mentioned fx has provision for 3rd party apps to add to the workingList.
Obviously you'll need vdjs HTTP plugin Network control.

clients [singers] send to host app [the dj], host app sends to vdj. [don't want to give clients HTTP access to vdj]
Something like this'krm'+1+'PATH'+%26+deck+master+effect_string+'krm'+2+'SINGER'+%26+deck+master+effect_string+'krm'+3+'KEY'+%26+deck+master+effect_button+'krm'+7

PATH,SINGER,KEY being client variables
[key needs to be unsigned for positive key changes]
should be all you need.


not really a feature more a workflow, I'd like to improve it but ASK would need some changes.
[@devs specific karaoke ask webform?]
Anyway the workflow
Ask message comes in,
single click the request,
click "COPY" that copies the "From" as a singer name,
look up the file,
"PASTE" the name on to the looked up track,
use the "SINGLE+" button to send it to workingList.
Job done, song with singer added to workingList

As I said, not fantastic, but it's functional, do it a few times and it might become familiar. [beta testers were pleased this was possible]

Mensajes Wed 17 Nov 21 @ 6:34 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
I've had 2 KJ's using this plugin each of a couple of events they agree, it made the job easier, giving them more time to talk to the punters to convince them to sing so it seems to be successful.

Mensajes Sat 20 Nov 21 @ 3:35 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

little problem with in app downloading fixed.
should be there now, if isn't delete folder [will force cache update]

in the vdj gui you'll find the fx under master fx panel in 'other' folder
[that way forces calling only from deck master, as intended]

Mensajes Mon 22 Nov 21 @ 11:20 am
I am using the Vectro skin and am not seeing an "other" folder under the Master Video Effects panel?
Could this be skin related or is their another way to activate easyKRM ?

Mensajes Wed 27 Apr 22 @ 1:07 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
it's not a video fx, it's found in soundfx

Mensajes Wed 27 Apr 22 @ 3:45 pm