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Tema: Precision on live Looper "project" with Enso vst
skyzo76PRO InfinityMember since 2016
I am workin on a live loop project with a vst called ENSO.For some reason i need to take info from deck 3 to launch some command on deck 1, all is working good BUT the is a litlle lake of precision, it is in mili second But i make live loop so it is important to have very precise timing. Is this posssible to be more precise that this ?
set_var "$LoopPassCOLOR" 1 & repeat_start_instant 'FxXpbars' 30ms & deck 3 get_beat_num 1 8 ? deck 1 effect_slider "Enso" 1 0% : repeat_start_instant 'FxXpbars' 30ms & deck 3 get_beat_num 1 16 ? deck 1 effect_slider "Enso" 1 75%
(0% is the record 75 is the play)
becaus with the turn and time my loop is de-sync and not on tempo so i need to find a very precise way to get the first mesure of beat.
I have secondary issue but this one is the most important

Mensajes Sun 01 May 22 @ 7:59 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
if a rsi at the limit isn't accurate enough you could calculate time to the 8 and apply a wait for that time [wait / rsi times are less 'fuzzy' the larger they are]

more accurate than that, if you can live with an invisible deck or a unused deck, action poi on said deck would be able to call the dial like clockwork.

Probably as accurate as that but less liable to miss [as action poi can do in edge cases, very small % but it can happen] I could write a plugin if windows, I've been meaning to write another thread plugin, I could probably get it down to a couple of ms.
could be an interesting code project,

Mensajes Sun 01 May 22 @ 8:50 pm
skyzo76PRO InfinityMember since 2016
hey locodog ! thanks for those info and way to do it, I will try the "wait" command to begin. The logic behind the 3rd deck is : as Enso is vst based on tempo of a track in a daw, and in VDJ I put it on a deck, it take grid and info from this specific deck, AND as I scratch or hotcue loop, ENSO VST is not able to have bars or measure info from this specific deck and I have to take info from my "phantom" deck (who is also the masterdeck and control tempo of sampler) voila...I have solution with an external midi step sequencer but I try to minimise my set up :)

Mensajes Mon 02 May 22 @ 6:55 am
skyzo76PRO InfinityMember since 2016
also in my dreams, i can choose between 4/8/16 bars of loop ;) and maybe have a looper plug in without vst need buffer I guess , I don't know if it possible

Mensajes Mon 02 May 22 @ 7:05 am