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Tema: ONLOAD element for Pad Pages

I have coded a lot of pad_pages in which I'm using variables to add more (sub-)pages inside the pad_pages.

As the title says it would be nice to have an ONLOAD element inside the XML to execute specific actions by loading/opening certain pad_pages.

For example you could reset the variable to start from a chosen page.
Or you could change the hotcueMode or whatever setting there is just by changing to a pad_page, without putting a piece of code in every devices mapping.

Mensajes Mon 09 May 22 @ 5:18 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
oninit for pads I could go with that.

Mensajes Mon 09 May 22 @ 5:58 am
So the devs should definitely implement this :D

Mensajes Sat 14 May 22 @ 2:56 pm