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Forum: VirtualDJ Technical Support

Tema: Move multiple folders
I want to rearange my library and move multiple sub folders to a new folders. I have a Mac and it won't work with shift+clic or cmd+clic.
I can move multiple files but not folders.
Should it work or do i need to move one folders at a time?

Mensajes Sat 21 May 22 @ 3:50 pm
In VDJ browser of course

Mensajes Sat 21 May 22 @ 6:14 pm

Mensajes Sun 22 May 22 @ 4:40 am
No. Preferred method to move files to keep the database intact is in virtualdjs browser and i use a Mac

Mensajes Sun 22 May 22 @ 7:49 am
Is moving multiple folders within VDJ browser with a Mac possible?

Mensajes Mon 23 May 22 @ 12:31 pm
In the absence of an answer, I assume that it is not possible to move more than one folder at a time inside VDJ browser on Mac?

Mensajes Wed 25 May 22 @ 12:07 pm