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Tema: Batch track analysis stops/hangs part-way with Beatport Link
I seem to now have an intermittent problem with batch analysis when using Beatport Link. VDJ would get through X number of tracks and then just stop analysing. My laptop is still connected to the network, VDJ seems to be responding ok etc.
Running latest version of VDJ on MacOS.

Mensajes Fri 27 May 22 @ 4:14 am
I don't think you are supposed to run batch analysis on online content

The tracks will need to be downloaded to be analyzed - just like if you want to play them
So in most cases you will bump into limitations on how many tracks can be downloaded per hour from the specific online content provider
I think they all have some limitations like that to avoid cyber attacks and misuse

Mensajes Fri 27 May 22 @ 4:57 am
Valid idea, you're right. Maybe it is to do with putting through batches that are too large... However, it seems to be very inconsistent. Eg. just now I ran batches of 70-80 tracks without an issue. But earlier today a batch of 250-ish stopped at around 40.
By the way, batch analysis worked for me even before I switched to the higher tier BP sub that gives you the offline locker. So generally batch analysis works on any subscription tier.

Mensajes Fri 27 May 22 @ 7:42 am