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Tema: Hercules DJCONSOLE Rmx CUE issue
I cannot get my controller to send CUE to headphones. I tried different settings and the only thing I have managed to do is get it to send audio out to the main output instead of the headphones...
Does anyone know how to map this controller properly? How do I map it to send cue button to heaphones....any help is appreciated.

Mensajes Sat 11 Jun 22 @ 11:47 pm
The RMX console is all ready mapped for vdj and to get cue to the headphones is in the audio settings master is 1&2 and the Headphones is 3&4 but I noticed the the headphone volume on the console does not move in the software so what you have to do is to use the mouse and turn the volume up for the headphones in the software and then you can use the headphone volume on the console its the only way I have found for it to work hope it helps.

Mensajes Sun 12 Jun 22 @ 6:40 pm
ok thanks for the answer

Mensajes Mon 26 Sep 22 @ 6:32 pm