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Forum: Wishes and new features

Tema: controller
this is more of a controller wish from manufacturers than a VDJ thing, but why have I not yet seen a controller that has a video output built in... would be nice to plug in a thumb drive hdmi/vga cable and be able to use stand alone without the need for a pc.....the controller could read and decode the audio/video files...could go one step further and have virtual dj as its operating system

Mensajes Sun 18 Sep 22 @ 6:04 pm
If it's for use standalone then it's not a controller.

Controllers have no processing power of their own, and rely on the computer to do the hard work.

Standalone units tend to have the cheapest processors available that will do what the unit needs to do, and no more. A basic laptop is more powerful.

In order to play video well (and you probably expect video FX too) it would cost maybe double what a typical audio standalone DJ system costs.

Mensajes Sun 18 Sep 22 @ 7:07 pm
There's also the issue with codecs. VDJ plays literally anything but you can only imagine the utter mess if Denon tried to do video on their Engine OS.

Standalone was supposed to replace laptops but if Prime is anything to go by it's not really happening. I feel far more secure with Windows & VDJ than I ever would on Engine.

Mensajes Sun 18 Sep 22 @ 7:13 pm