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Tema: Upgrade Home to Pro license
Hi, I am all new to DJing and unsure, if I will become a "Pro" at some point. I would need a home license for my FLX4 (which I can't buy yet at all??) but I don't want to lose that money in case I need a "pro" license later. I don't want to spend the money on a pro license now. Can I upgrade a license later?

Mensajes Fri 30 Dec 22 @ 11:50 pm
No, it's one or the other. You need to make that decision.

You could subscribe to Pro then buy it later but you don't get a discount for the subs already paid.

Mensajes Sat 31 Dec 22 @ 9:03 am
That's not very customer friendly, TBH. Anyway, I can't even buy a "Home" license since it doesn't let me select my FLX4 controller...
In the light of your answer I might be better off with Record Box anyway. Hope they hop on the stems train soon.
Thanks for answering nevertheless

Mensajes Sun 22 Jan 23 @ 11:30 am
The controller will be available to buy when support is released very soon.

Anyway it's your choice whatever you do, good luck!

Mensajes Sun 22 Jan 23 @ 11:37 am
djsh69PRO InfinityMember since 2018
I understand your "fear" of losing money from your current situation,
but I would like to give you a different point of view ...

At the moment your are a "home dj" ...
If you want to test out if you are having fun and get used to deejaying, I would stay with RecordBox.
It is the industry / Club standard and you get a free license for basic functionalities with your controller.
If you want to become a "professional DJ" it is more important to get a feeling for music and basic technology than for superior DJ techniques.
I would invest my money in getting access to the right music and DJ mixes.
Starting with radio versions from Spotify or ripped from YouTube is not the same, as having special DJ mixes with intros, breaks and outros.

When your are also interested in technologies like stems etc. , ok, than I would invest the 99$ for VDJ Home ...
but that is something on top ...

This changes at the moment you are (regularly) earning money.
Getting at this point you won't think about 99$ in the past, you earn more with a single gig.
In the following month/years you will constantly update your equipment ...
you earn more money, some of it you reinvest in mikes, headphones ...
you will probably smile that 99$ helped you to start your career


Mensajes Sun 22 Jan 23 @ 9:28 pm