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Tema: Can't Sync VDJ Instrument Sample (etc, bass drum) with songs
Good evening all. I know there has to be a way to do this. I have a song playing on deck one. I want to add the bass drum sound for extra punch and as the transition into the song on deck two. However, I can't the BD sound to sync with the song. Can someone please help?


Mensajes Wed 25 Jan 23 @ 1:35 am
user24185983 wrote :
I have a song playing

What's the song?

user24185983 wrote :
I want to add the bass drum sound

Which bass drum sound?

FYI the samples (loops) sync to the beat grid, so if the beat grid for that song is not lined up with the audio, the samples won't sync.

Mensajes Wed 25 Jan 23 @ 6:17 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
This could be the same issue I reported a day ago, if calling from sample padpage and it's looking to another deck for the sync it doesn't sync, looking at its own deck it syncs, called from the sideview sampler it syncs, but not channel to channel, really strange bug.
Devs neither confirmed nor had follow up so, I can only tell you what I'm seeing.

Mensajes Wed 25 Jan 23 @ 6:53 pm
Thanks for getting back to me. The song is "Keep Playin' That Roack n Roll" by Edgar Winter. Bass drum sound is the VDJ Kick Hard.

Mensajes Thu 26 Jan 23 @ 1:27 am
It seems as though the BD sample is playing on the 2 and 4 instead of the 1 and 3, if that is any help.

Mensajes Thu 26 Jan 23 @ 1:32 am
OK so with that track being from 1971 the issue is probably down to the beat grid not lining up with the audio.

Tracks of that vintage don't have a constant tempo, so unless you manually go through and add anchor points every time the track BPM drifts, the grid won't line up - so sampled drum loops (which sync to the grid) won't play in time.

EDIT: I just checked the track with a live BPM monitor and it varies up & down from around 128 to 133.


Mensajes Thu 26 Jan 23 @ 7:37 pm
Just saw your reply...thank you!

Mensajes Mon 27 Feb 23 @ 3:49 am