Hardware Manuals

American Audio - VMS2  

Recording & Broadcasting

VirtualDJ will not be able to Record (or broadcast) your mixing directly as the audio mixing is handled by the VMS2. In case you need to Record (and/or broadcast) your mixing along with the Microphone Input of the VMS2, you will need to:

  • Connect the BOOTH Output of the VMS2 with an Input of a different sound card (e.g. the built-in of your computer) or an Input of the VMS2. In the following example the BOOTH Output is routed to the MIDILOG 1 Input of the VMS2 using a proper RCA cable.

  • Manually add a Record line to the Audio configuration by assigning to the Input channel of the used sound card. In the following example, the Input of the MIDILOG1 is used.

Códigos de Tiempo