Hardware Manuals

Native Instruments - Kontrol S4 MK2 - Disposición  


  1. CROSSFADER: Blends audio between the left and right channels/decks.

  2. VOLUME: Adjust the output volume of each deck

  3. PFL: Press this button to send this channel's pre-fader signal to the Cue Channel for monitoring. When engaged, the button will be lit.

  4. FILTER: Applies a High Pass / Low Pass filter on the sound of the corresponding deck.

  5. EQ LOW: Adjusts the low (bass) frequencies of the corresponding deck.

  6. EQ MID: Adjusts the middle (mid) frequencies of the corresponding deck

  7. EQ HI: Adjusts the high (treble) frequencies of the corresponding deck.

  8. GAIN: Adjust the Gain (Trim) of the corresponding deck. Press the knob down to reset the gain back to 0db adjustment.

  9. Master VOLUME: Adjust the level of the Master Output.

  10. FX ASSIGN: Clone the effects from one deck to another. (see EFFECTS)

Controles de Deck