Hardware Manuals

Native Instruments - Kontrol Z2 - Disposición  


  1. CROSSFADER: Blends audio between the left and right channels

  2. VOLUME: Alter the sound of each deck.

  3. FILTER: Turn this knob to apply a High Pass / Low Pass filter on the sound of the corresponding deck

  4. EQ-LOW: Adjust the low (bass) frequencies of the corresponding deck

  5. EQ-MID: Adjust the middle (mid) frequencies of the corresponding deck

  6. EQ-HI: Adjust the high (treble) frequencies of the corresponding deck

  7. GAIN: Adjusts the audio level (gain) of the corresponding deck.

  8. PC MODE: Push this button to toggle each channel between “PC” and hardware mode. When the button is lit the corresponding channel’s controls will control VirtualDJ’s mixer. When the button is unlit, they will control the analog sound inputs of Kontrol Z2.

  9. PHONO/LINE: Selects the analog source that’s routed to the software for the timecode signal to be captured and the source that’s controlled from the mixer when it’s operating in hardware mode.

  10. HEADPHONES LEVEL: Adjusts the Headphones (CUE) Output Volume (Hardware operation, but visible on the VirtualDJ GUI).

  11. HEADPHONES MIX: Adjusts the mixing between CUE and Master output sound output on your headphones. All the way to the left is CUE sound output only, all the way to the right is Master sound output only.

  12. PFL: Press this button to send this channel's pre-fader signal to the Cue Channel for monitoring. When engaged, the button will be lit.

  13. SHIFT: Press and hold this button to access secondary functions of other controls on the Kontrol Z2.

  14. VU METERS: Displays the intensity of the mono sum of each decks pre-fader volume and the Master volume output.