Hardware Manuals

Numark - Mixstream Pro - Disposición  


  1. CROSSFADER. Blends audio between the Decks assigned to the left and right side of the crossfader (by default Left and Right Decks).

  2. VOLUME. Volume Faders for Left/Right Deck

  3. DECK VU METER Indicate the pre-fader output level of the Left/Right Deck.

  4. CUE/PFL. Use these buttons to send Left/Right Deck's pre-fader signal to the Cue Channel for monitoring. When engaged, the buttons will be lit.

  5. EQ LOW/MID/HIGH. 3-Band Equalizer knob to adjust the low (bass) / middle (mid) / high (treble) frequencies of the Left/Right Deck.
    Stems is fully supported

  6. LEVEL. Adjusts the audio level (gain) of the Left/Right Deck

  7. FILTER. Applies the selected Color FX (Filter by default) on Left/Right Deck.

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