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  1. Master OUTPUT (RCA): Use standard RCA cables to connect this output to amplified speakers or amplifier system. The level of this output is controlled by the Master knob on the top panel.

  2. USB. This USB connection sends and receives audio and control information from a connected computer.

  3. HEADPHONES SOCKET. Connect your headphones to this output for cueing and mix monitoring.

  4. MIC INPUT. Connect a 1/4" microphone to this input.

  5. MIC LEVEL. Adjust the Volume of the Microphone Input of the Mixtrack Quad

Note. The offered Microphone Input of the Mixtrack Quad is routed directly to the Master Output and cannot be assigned or controlled by VirtualDJ, therefore the Microphone section of the VirtualDJ GUI will be unavailable.

Due to the Hardware operation of the Microphone, it cannot be added to the Audio Setup or recorded from the software.

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