Hardware Manuals

Rane - Sixty Two - Disposición  

HotCues & Sampler

This section offers HotCues and Sampler functions depending on the selected mode.

  1. CUES/SAMPLES. Use this button to toggle between the HotCues (Orange Led) and the Sampler mode (Red Led)

  2. HOTCUES (1-5)/ SAMPLES (1-6).
    In HotCues mode, each one of the 5 buttons per side (1-5) assigns a Hot Cue Point (1 to 5) to the left or right deck if un-assigned or returns the track to that Hot Cue Point if assigned.
    When a Hot Cue Button is unlit, you can assign a Hot Cue Point by pressing it at the desired point in your track. Once it is assigned, the Hot Cue Button will light up bright amber.

    Hold SHIFT down and then press any of these buttons to delete* its assigned Hot Cue Point.

    In Sampler mode, each one of the 6 buttons (marked as >1 to >6) triggers a sample (1 to 6) from the selected Sampler Bank of VirtualDJ.
    The leds of those buttons will be turned off if the corresponding slot is unloaded, dark green if loaded and bright green if playing

    Use the buttons A and B to select and load the previous and next Sampler Bank respectively

    Use the buttons C and D to select the previous and next Sampler trigger mode respectively

    Sampler Output Channel:
    By default VirtualDJ will send Sampler to the USB AUX Channel. Use the AUX LEVEL knob to control the Output Volume, the AUX Filter knob to apply a Low-High Pass Filter and the AUX FLEX button to apply the selected Hardware FLEX Effect to the playing samples.
    See more Sampler Output options in Sampler Output.

    *Note. Due to a firmware miss-behavior, SHIFT+buttons (5) will still delete the assigned HotCues, even if the Sampler mode is selected.