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Performance Pads

The 8 RGB Pads offer various functions, depending on the selected Pad mode. Each of the 5 Pad mode buttons offers 2 individual modes. Press a pad mode button once to access it's primary mode, and press it again to access it's secondary mode. The modes represent a page of the Pads section on the default VirtualDJ GUI.




Select a mode for he Pads . When a mode is selected, press the same button to select the secondary mode.
Primary modes (1st press): Hotcues, Saved Loops , Loop Roll, Sampler , *Transport
Secondary modes (2nd press) : Cue Loop, Manual Loop,Loop, Sampler Velocity, Slicer
37 Pads
8 Performance Pads with RGB leds offering different functionality depending on the selected mode. See further details in Pads of VirtualDJ Manual
Adjust the 1st Parameter of the selected Pads mode
Adjust the 2nd Parameter of the selected Pads mode..

* Transport mode

When the Transport mode is selected, a special TRANSPORT 70 page will be selected for Pads , offering basic transport Deck controls. This page will be available only when the Rane Seventy is connected.

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