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 Novation TWITCH


Novation TWITCH is a DJ controller with a completely new take on DJing and performing. It has Touchstrips to navigate tracks and you can slice-up your beats and mix them back together – totally on the fly. TWITCH has a built in audio interface which is absolutely rock-solid with headphone, booth and main outputs. If you are already a DJ, or produce your own music and are looking for new ways to perform; 16 triggerpads, touchstrips, mixer and numerous rotary controls put your music at your fingertips.
Addon Units (FX,Pads,..)
 Novation DICER


Cue-point, looping and FX control for Digital DJs This palm-sized cue point and looping controller has been designed to fit exactly where you need it: on your turntables, CDJs, mixer or laptop. Dicer always ships in pairs - one for each side.
 Novation Launchpad Pro

Launchpad Pro

Launchpad Pro is the simplest and best way to create dynamic, expressive performances in any music software. The iconic Launchpad has received a total overhaul. Enhanced with RGB LED feedback, and velocity and pressure-sensitive pads, Launchpad Pro brings limitless expression and creativity to your music.


This new 64-button grid music controller has all the features of the original but with much brighter buttons, faster refresh and expanded app/system support. Can be powered directly from your iPad or USB port. Controls your mix with volume, pans, sends, track arming, soloing and muting while jumping to different levels across eight channels at once Trigger loops and effects using the Launchpad app on iPad


64-button grid music controller controls your mix with volume, loops, effects, samples and much more!


As our smallest and lightest Launchpad, this is perfect for a compact setup. 64 multicoloured mini pads for triggering effects, samples, loops and loads more. Novation Bass Station virtual instrument and 4GB of Loopmaster samples. Fully USB-powered and DAW-friendly


Launch Control makes creating electronic music way more fun. Its chunky knobs and multicoloured pads let you play your software like an instrument, by giving you hands-on control over any aspect of your sound that you like. 16 banks give you more than enough controls to get as creative as you like with your sound.
 Novation Launchpad X

Launchpad X

Made to perform Launchpad X is an essential 64-pad MIDI grid controller. It gives you everything you need to mix music. Launch, play and perform your sounds and build your tracks using the large, super-sensitive RGB pads, dynamic note and scale modes, and mixer controls.

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