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 When will the next version of VirtualDJ be released

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Q: When will the next version/build of VirtualDJ be released ?

It is Atomix Productions' policy not to set release dates or disclose details of features that are planned or will be present in the next versions/builds.
This is to avoid disappointment should it not be possible to meet the deadline or include a feature for any reason.

The next version/build of VirtualDJ will be released once it has been finished and fully tested by the beta testing team.

When the next major updated version is released (e.g. from version 8.1 to 8.2 or 9.0), an announcement will be made in the forums along with details of what new features have been added to the software.

For minor updates, which mostly offer features additions and stability improvements are automatically offered online to all VirtualDJ users. Take a look at the changelog of the recent VirtualDJ Build History

  • Updates are offered for free to all VirtualDJ users, no matter if they have purchased a License or not.
  • With major releases/updates, sometimes sneak previews may be given via videos, screenshots and/or live demos at DJ shows to give you, the press and hardware manufacturers a preview of what's to come in the next version and generate interest. These previews do not necessarily mean that release of the new version is imminent and the previewed features may be subject to change before release (Often the new features shown will be in an early unfinished beta state.)

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