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TantrixPRO InfinityMember since 2013

I am running VDJ8 on a windows 8 notebook and my Freestyler on a windows 7 notebook. My VDJ8 system uses wifi in order to access "content unlimited". I have had to bridge my wifi and ethernet connections on the VDJ system and use a crossover network cable to attempt to connect with the Freestyler system. NOTE: The freestyler system is not bridged.

I believe everything is set up correctly yet it is not working. I have gone through the tcp/ip documentation that came with freestyler 3.5.5 and I see that the terminology used in the documentation differs from your terminology within the VDJ Freestyler plugin.

What can I do to get this working?
When will you be releasing a more comprehensive tutorial on getting this great plugin working?

Thank you for your response in advance.

Mensajes Thu 31 Jul 14 @ 1:56 pm
Jason KPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Finally sitting down to work with VDJ 8 and all of my old preprogrammed songs still work. Haven't been able to set anything up the new way, but the old way still works. What's going on here?

Mensajes Fri 26 Sep 14 @ 12:54 pm
Jason KPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Looks like old freestyler plugin was overriding the new one.

I have the new one now, how do I string together commands?

I want to pick a page hit a button twice (this cancels out anything running, then hit a different button on the same cue list.

Mensajes Fri 26 Sep 14 @ 1:06 pm
Jason KPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Tried adding a bunch of &'s in there, but it's still not working right.

Mensajes Fri 26 Sep 14 @ 1:58 pm
SBDJPRO Infinity Member since 2006
You can't chain multiple commands - the plugin will only see the result of the command, not it's individual elements.

I could add the ability to configure macros to get around this limitation.

Mensajes Fri 26 Sep 14 @ 2:02 pm
Jason KPRO InfinityMember since 2007
Only way to I've found to kill all the lights is too toggle the same cuelist button again and then select my next cuelist button.

VDJ7 plugin worked well for this:

FS:270,1 FS:284,1 FS:284,1 FS:275,1

Cue list button 284 uses all of my fixtures. So I turn it on and off and all the fixtures stop, so I can select another button cue list button with a few fixtures.

If I have moonflowers going and pars, and the next button is only pars, then selecting just the next button will leave the moonflowers still runing, but they will no longer go through their sequence.

Mensajes Sat 27 Sep 14 @ 5:11 pm
Jason KPRO InfinityMember since 2007
I could always zoom the track in and put a bunch of markers together, but an upgrade to the plugin would be awesome.

Mensajes Sat 27 Sep 14 @ 6:45 pm
SBDJPRO Infinity Member since 2006
I'll add some user definable macros when I get a chance.

Mensajes Sat 27 Sep 14 @ 7:14 pm
Does anyone know if Freestyler8 can send the beat to the main part of Freestyler? At the moment I can only pair beat tempo with programmed cues.

Mensajes Sat 18 Oct 14 @ 7:36 pm
SBDJPRO Infinity Member since 2006
It sends the beat to freestyler as the sound 2 light trigger, so can be used anywhere freestylers own s2l can.

Mensajes Sun 19 Oct 14 @ 8:37 pm
Thanks for that. In a bit of a pickle just now, running with a new laptop, new lights and finding my feet with VDJ8. Think it's my lights that aren't setup right.

Great work with Freestyler8, cue triggers are much easier and the script generator eliminates me making an ass of it.

Top man!

Mensajes Mon 20 Oct 14 @ 4:49 pm
Scott, does Freestyler return it's state back to VDJ? I use an Xone K2 controller, on one of the layers I'm able to map a command to toggle my cues - e.g. Button_A_Amber - "set $fsvalue 255 & set $fscommand 46" which will turn on/off cue 1. Can I map the LED of this button to follow the state of Cue 1, i.e. on & off?

Mensajes Sat 25 Oct 14 @ 11:17 am
Hi Scot, will the Kam DMX Player work with Freestyler and this pluggin??

Mensajes Sun 16 Nov 14 @ 4:41 pm
Freestyler8 will interact with the Freestyler software, but you will need to check with Freestyler themselves to see if the KAM dmx interface will work with their software. VDJ plugin will only send commands to Freestyler, it's the lighting software that interacts with the dmx interface.

Mensajes Tue 18 Nov 14 @ 5:02 pm
So...this wont work with Lumidesk?

Mensajes Thu 04 Dec 14 @ 10:49 am
nuutituPRO InfinityMember since 2013
Howcome i cannot see the download page?

Mensajes Sun 14 Dec 14 @ 6:48 pm

Mensajes Mon 15 Dec 14 @ 11:11 am
First, it's a great Job to connect Virtual DJ with Freestyler.
I connected freestyler with the plugin. Beat works fine for me.

But the commands are not working (setvalues). When I set the parms they are reset to 0 and freestyler interpretets the parms as a beat somehow but is not executing the commmands. What am I doin wrong. I reinstalled everything !

Mensajes Sat 03 Jan 15 @ 6:09 am
Still looking why it is nog working. I am not sure whether the publication of the latest version in december is the right one. Looks as if I still have an old version (file contains in the description version 2.0). Also the plugin interface is not lookin very well in Virtual DJ. Maybe the version is the problem?
Also facing some security issues maybe?

Mensajes Sat 03 Jan 15 @ 3:27 pm
I've got this plugin working with with S2L but I am having trouble with the Cue integration. I can't find the Script Generator. I can find the GUI by clicking on the little cog, but there is no script generator button in there. I would be willing to string together my own commands if someone could point me to the TCPIP commands pdf referred in the original post.


Mensajes Tue 06 Jan 15 @ 7:43 pm
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