What is the difference between VirtualDJ and Numark Cue or VirtualVinyl

Q. What is the difference between VirtualDJ and Numark Cue or VirtualVinyl?

Numark Cue and VirtualVinyl are Numark-branded version of the full VirtualDJ Professional software and are exactly the same, except for the default skin, which is different.

Numark Cue was previously available in stores as a boxed retail product (discontinued) whereas the full VirtualDJ Pro can only be purchased directly from the official VirtualDJ website.

Updates to Numark products are released once they have been fully tested and approved by Numark. This means that when a new version of VirtualDJ is released, an update to Numark Cue may not always be available immediately. While this does mean that you may need to wait a short period of time to get the latest update, you will have additional peace of mind thanks to the additional testing and checking that is carried out by Numark.

NOTE: Numark CueLE that is included with some Numark hardware is limited software and is Numark's equivalent of VirtualDJ LE. This can be upgraded to the full software at a discount.

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