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Tema: How to get Music on the Virtual DJ program so i can mix it ! - Page: 3
I wasn't going to make the assumption, but you are correct groovin. He said the tracks are on his iPhone, so I went with the info he provided. I have many users that I support at the office that never hook their iPhones to their computer, they make purchases and the dl using only the iPhone.

Mensajes Thu 13 Aug 15 @ 7:17 pm
Am using virtual dj 8 but whenever I search for music and try to play it it dose'nt play the song finish

Mensajes Mon 26 Oct 15 @ 4:57 pm
RobRoyPRO InfinitySenior staffMember since 2012
you need a valid subscription to play tracks from CU in full lenght

Mensajes Mon 16 Nov 15 @ 8:44 am
I am new at this software i need to know to down music to mix please help me .. Thank

Mensajes Sun 05 Jan 20 @ 5:07 pm
Are you seriously saying that you don't know where or how to download music?

Start here ->

Type in a short phrase such as buy music and you will be presented with millions of results.

Mensajes Sun 05 Jan 20 @ 5:19 pm
I’m new to Virtual DJ and I just found out that if you trying to use Virtual DJ, you’ll can only use it for a small period of time. To actually use it, it’s best to buy the software or subscribe, I’m not sure if this the best way to word it out, but my question is how do you download the music to your software? I’m not sure if I have to download another app or something, I can’t figure it out on how to do it.

Mensajes Mon 25 Apr 22 @ 6:49 pm