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HI dj DaD could it be possible to add a Mirrored Wave to the wave section to this already Kool Skin??? it should be Appreciated...Great Work Loving it, Thanks.!!!

Mensajes Sat 07 Apr 18 @ 7:47 pm
Interesting variation skin... I have a 24 inch external Dell touch screen that I have not tried this on. It is perfect for my 16 inch screen. I am used to the VDJ default skin where dragging the song to the player doesn't require switching back and forth. However, the larger effects buttons and replacement around the platters is really nice. I'll have to give this a test run and see how I do.

Nice job!

Mensajes Wed 18 Apr 18 @ 9:45 pm
Can you please tell me the function of the two buttons circled? Thank you!

Mensajes Sat 19 May 18 @ 4:55 am
Figured it out, thank you.

Mensajes Wed 23 May 18 @ 5:53 pm
kichu20PRO InfinityMember since 2010
Hi Guys, Can someone help me with this skin which shows up only two decks, even though i am using a 4 deck Numark NS6ii . i dont see the pads at all when i load this skin... Am i missing something here ? btw i am using a mac version.

Mensajes Thu 30 Aug 18 @ 3:04 pm
kichu20PRO InfinityMember since 2010
Never mind... found it :) thanks

Mensajes Thu 30 Aug 18 @ 3:12 pm
ZitrosPRO InfinityMember since 2010
hello, I do not find in the browser view any deck-load button, is there any one?

Mensajes Sun 20 Jan 19 @ 1:33 pm
DDappaControlleristMember since 2016
Thank you for this great skin! I've used it on my touchscreen ThinkPad without a controller, and an external USB soundcard and it works just fine. Takes a short while to familiarize with the various controls... But once you get it.. you're good to go..

Mensajes Mon 15 Jul 19 @ 1:42 am
Hello! I wonder if you will upgrade the skin to the 2020 version? Thank you!

Mensajes Thu 28 Nov 19 @ 2:18 pm
Hello everyone and thank you dj dad for the creation of this skin MULTI TOUCH.
Among you someone or dj dad would it be possible to know how to be able to use the CUES points from 9 to 16.
OK the CUES points from 1 to 8 are really good but I would really like to use more cues with this skin.
I hope you can help me.

Mensajes Wed 11 Dec 19 @ 11:26 pm
Grok32Home userMember since 2019
I put this 'effect_select' in a custom button. It opens a menu to the effects. Clicking the gear wheel will open a floating panel with knobs.

Moderator; you're replying to a two year old post.

Mensajes Thu 12 Dec 19 @ 2:59 am
Hello, I really need your help.
I use because I love the Multi touch skin.
Especially for the big colored buttons of the CUES points.

But the problem that I cannot solve is:

1 If I press the cue point buttons I have the arrows on the right to go from 8 cues to 16 cues.
But if I call the samples page and I come back to the cues button page I can no longer change the cues pages and go from 8 to 16 cues. But only the cues 1 by 1 and I cannot correct without leaving the skin and choosing an old skin.

I really need your help.

Mensajes Wed 01 Jan 20 @ 4:39 pm
Hi djdad

Is there a way to change the scroll width for song lists in your Multi Touch Skin?

Thanks in advance!

Mensajes Fri 22 May 20 @ 4:32 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
if talking about the right side scrollbars the answer is no it's fixed in browser
if about the size of the list ... as usual, moving the split sepatrator
the touch skin is using "multiTouchTwoFingersScroll" so that the whole lists can be used to scroll the lists

Mensajes Fri 22 May 20 @ 11:12 pm
DDappaControlleristMember since 2016
The mic duck button under inputs does not stay ON and it deactivates the Mic ON button when touched. I have to hold it down to get the ducking feature and it seems when I hold it down, it drops the decks volume to achieve this....

Is there a way to have the MIC DUCK stay on? Or is that the way it is (supposed) to work?

I'm using this skin on a Thinkpad yoga (L380) convertible. I have a USB soundcard connected and split headphone and mic into a Logitech gaming headset, and master out via the laptop headphone jack to external speakers...
Thanks for any help.

Mensajes Fri 17 Jul 20 @ 2:00 pm
Thank you djdad for the great work. I'm not a dj but a musician and I use your great skin for backing tracks to my gigs. It has everything except....the key for the song(Am, D, Cm etc.). This would be maybe one of the most useful things for a musician or a singer. I know you hate requests as you said to your profile, but PLEASE, this is very easy for you to do it, or guide me to do it.

Thanx anyway
Euripides Stamos

Mensajes 24 minutes ago
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