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Hello I would like the button pads1 in which I modified the script:
os2l_button 'YES' & sampler_play_stop 'WIN'
be able to view when activated? and color 'green'

I am unable to set up the complete script in the push action pad editor.

Is there anything else to do?

Thank you for your help and clarifications.

Mensajes Fri 23 Oct 20 @ 10:14 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Not skin related
You can map the color of your pad 1 in pad editor with color tab
"sampler_play_stop 'WIN' ? color 'green' : "
"sampler_play_stop 1 ? color 'green' : color '#7fff7f'"
or better
"sampler_play 'WIN' ? color 'green' : "
sampler_play 'WIN' ? color 'green' : color '#7fff7f"

or if your samples have colors

sampler_play 'WIN' ? get_sample_color 'WIN : '
sampler_play 'WIN' ? color 'green' : get_sample_color 'WIN"

there are many possibilities i.e.:
sampler_play 'WIN' ? color_mix darkgreen green `sampler_position 'WIN' ` : color darkgreen
which lights the pad depending on sample time when it plays

Mensajes Sat 24 Oct 20 @ 8:59 am
Hello and thank you for this answer.

Mensajes Sat 24 Oct 20 @ 9:57 am
Hello and thank you very much for your help.
And for this quick and efficient response.
Really great it works

Mensajes Sat 24 Oct 20 @ 10:05 am
Another need is it possible to adapt the multitouchScreen window to the size of the tablet?
I have a 12.9 inch ipad pro
And the window does not go full screen.
Thank you if possible of course

Mensajes Sat 24 Oct 20 @ 10:08 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
12.9 inch ipad pro have 2732 x 2048 screen resolution
skin is done in full HD 1920 x 1080
double is 3840 x 2048

but for some reason VDJ automate very wrong resize width based and height based texts

so resize will be 2732 x 1536

MULTI TouchScreen was not created to be resized out of 16:9 ratio

workaround with less possible side effects :
in first line set
breakline="1020" breakline1="1075"
add line 6
<oninit action=" maximize 'fullscreen'"/>

This way browser goes full & pads are not stretched in height keeping their aspect, with a bottom black area

Au fait:
Pourquoi "EN-US" alors qu'on a le même drapeau "6 semaine de confinement renouvelables" ?

Mensajes Sat 24 Oct 20 @ 12:02 pm
Bonjour Nicotux oui tu as raison pour le même pays.°)

Mais étant donné que j'étais sur un forum u semble t'il on parlais anglosaxon.

J'ai essayé de m'adapter.

J'avoues heureusement que google traduction était là.

Bon je reviens sur les 2 sujets.

1er je voulais dans multitouch skin pouvoir avoir des pads de différentes couleurs qui s'allumes et s'éteignent quand j'appuis dessus donc on /off.

Grace à tes infos j'ai réussi dans la skin 4decks à avoir le on/off en bleu mais à la couleur que je veux...

Et dans multitouch skin je ne vois pas l'action on/off mais je peux avoir la couleur du bouton.

J'arrives à faire l'action os2L mais dés que je rajoute ton script mon os2L ne marche plus.

Comment faire les 2 ensembles?

Voici mon script + le tient.

J'ai fait surement une erreur mais je en vois pas d'ou elle vient.

os2l_button 'NO'&sampler_play_stop 2? Color 'red': color '# 7fff7f

Pour la 2 éme question je vais ou pour faire les modifications?

Merci pour ton aide très explicites et claires.

Mais je peine vraiment à comprendre le mapping qui est pourtant si passionnant.


Mensajes Sat 24 Oct 20 @ 3:45 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Mais il faudrait changer de forum :/

c'est dans l'onglet "Color" que le script va ^^
pas dans "Push Action" ni "Pressure Action" mais "Color ▼"

in fact if you use my french translation they are called
"Action : pousser" and "Action : pression" and "Couleur ▼"

1) It's a little more complex
colors are not defined in the skin, because they have to apply to any skin
so pad have to specify its own color, in a way any skin can have the same

Skin can define how they apply and where they go and even override pads colors

so that this is only pad related

os2l_button 'NO'&sampler_play_stop 2? Color 'red': color '# 7fff7f
is totally wrong
1) things like this need spaces at right place ^^
os2l_button 'NO' & sampler_play_stop 2 ? Color 'red' : color '#7fff7f'

2) os2l_button 'NO' & sampler_play_stop 2
will send activation to button names 'NO'
then starts or stops the pad in slot 2
this script goes to "Push Action" or "Action : Pousser" tab

3) color script go to "Color ▼" or "Couleur ▼" tab
sampler_play_stop 2 ? color 'red' : color '#7fff7f'
better use
sampler_play 2 ? color 'red' : color '#7fff7f'
sends color red when sampler is playing slot 2 fade green otherwhise
but it not nice

sampler_play 'WIN' ? get_sample_color 'WIN : '
sampler_play 'WIN' ? color 'green' : get_sample_color 'WIN"
can make the pad green when playing and pad color when stopped
but may be confusing if pad is green

more advanced version
sampler_play 'WIN' ? color_mix darkgreen green `sampler_position 'WIN' ` : color darkgreen
pad color will crossfade from darkgreen to green depending on position in sample when sample WIN" plays, and be darkgreen when stopped

in all cases at the same time, MULTI TouchSkin skin will go on temporary lightning the pad button correctly when pressed, whatever the current color is (set by the pad)

Mensajes Sat 24 Oct 20 @ 4:44 pm
Bonjour Nikotux, j’ai un problème avec la ligne de code os21_button ‘YES’&sampler_play_stop ‘GAGNEZ’&sampler_play_stop 2?
Normalement c’est sensé lancer une vidéo, allumer une lumière et faire en sorte que le bouton GAGNEZ reste enfoncer jusqu’au moment je rappuis sur le bouton.

Est-il possible de se contacter via Facebook, Messenger ou par téléphone ?

Mensajes Mon 26 Oct 20 @ 1:02 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
- OS2L pas os21
- en plus la fonction via os2l doit envoyer une pulse (on quand appuyé et off quand relaché) si je ne me trompe pas
donc certainement à gérer du côté du soft dmx ou a tester avec une valeur
- il faut les espaces

à tester mais pas s sur du tout:
sampler_play 'GAGNEZ' ? os2l_button ‘YES’ 0 & sampler_play_stop ‘GAGNEZ’ : sampler_play 'GAGNEZ' & os2l_button ‘YES’ 0
sampler_play 2 ? os2l_button ‘YES’ 0 & sampler_play_stop 2 : sampler_play 2 & os2l_button ‘YES’ 0

(encore une application ou les POI dans les samples seraient les bien venus)

pour le reste... pas trop possible pour le momment (présence très aléatoire)
et de toutes façons les données perso sont automatiquement modérées sur le forum

Mensajes Mon 26 Oct 20 @ 2:09 pm
MDJ2513Home userMember since 2019
Hello Nicotux and Fellows,
its possible to modify the skin by adding a slim ring around the jog, with color light that maybe blink when song is loaded and spin rotate with the disc when is playing, Something reallistic similiar to this video in link:

I think is a graphic redesing necessary for this.

Mensajes Thu 19 Nov 20 @ 9:51 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Yes, everything (or more) is possible with VDJ
Maybe no need of a graphic redesign would be necessary ... but was usable to get <off > part and sectsize of slider work as described

so i attempted to create a new example image (I am really not good at all at that ^^): rename the image="skin" in line 1 to use it
only 16 steps, would be better with 18, with a light shadow....
so that you get the process :

in line 1677 i added ( left deck only, vinyl mode no video cover only )
just before the line that contains "<scratch >"

<size width="320" height="320"/>
<pos x="+43" y="+22"/><!--fader><pos x="1922" y="0" nb="16" nbx="4"/></fader-->
<off x="1922" y="320" nb="16" nbx="4"/>
<slider orientation="round" action="get rotation" visibility="play ? constant 50% : false">
<size width="320" height="320"/>
<pos x="+43" y="+22"/>
<fader sensibility="100" width="320" height="320"><pos x="1922" y="1281" nb="16" nbx="4"/></fader>
<slider orientation="round" action="get rotation" visibility="play ? touchwheel_touch : true">
<size width="320" height="320"/>
<pos x="+43" y="+22"/>
<fader><pos x="1922" y="0" nb="16" nbx="4"/></fader>

Mensajes Sat 21 Nov 20 @ 1:46 pm
MDJ2513Home userMember since 2019

Mensajes Tue 24 Nov 20 @ 12:44 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
I found some error in the Tooltips and added some rightclick action in addition with shift one
lines 1601 2456 3354 4206
Added : rightclick="toggle '@$customscratch'"
Fix Tooltip : <Tooltip>Switch To Jog View</Tooltip>

lines 1606 2461 3359 4211
Added : rightclick="toggle '@$customscratch'"
tooltip is ok

and in the light matrix, there are 2 inverted shapes ^^ this makes light go back one step at bottom left

Mensajes Tue 24 Nov 20 @ 1:34 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
After 4 years without an update this nice skin always have an active forum ^^
There have been some pretty nice and usefull additions by users
Is there a possibility to get an official update (I can send you final code for review)
Here is what have been changed (everything in the thread and some more):

Little adjustments of some bottom button positions for nice resize
Reworked 4 decks switch button (select current at first click, switch only when selected)
Added stems/eq handling
Button furtive highlight effect on pad/button click
Moving n lightning "a la Pioneer" jog mode with/without cover
Color Key signature near bpm in browser mode
Blinking cue button
Stop/unload undo_load on play button by longpress
Booth volume in mixer in output panel
Extra browser filling extra area when resize not keeping ratio
"Remix" added to sidelist as alternative sideview
"Sampler Velocity" as shift of sample_master_volume
Video output menu on preview
Drag/drop on jog (usefull with extra browser)

Mensajes Wed 25 Nov 20 @ 9:08 pm
MDJ2513Home userMember since 2019
Oh yes.. i vote for yes,
in addition, if possible to make modifiable the hand pointer cursor for scratching disc over jog, please.

something like this:

This is a fantastic forum, all what i know i have been learn here, thank you a lot guys.

Mensajes Thu 26 Nov 20 @ 12:53 pm
You asked the same thing last month, and the answer was given.

groovindj wrote :
The "hand" icon is built into the VDJ code. It's not part of the skin graphics.

You can enlarge the mouse pointer via your operating system, but the enlarged hand does not look good (low resolution).


Mensajes Thu 26 Nov 20 @ 1:21 pm
MDJ2513Home userMember since 2019
Hello GroovinDJ, my apologizes,
I like the hand icon pointer is cute, but the mouse pointer modified via operating system don´t apply over the jog disc when scratching, native hand icon still present. it is not something of such relevance or importance only for attractive visual innovation.

I think there is some way to change it by other model, if not possible make it modifiable, just like the native was created, no matter size or low resolution. Maybe contacting designer, I know its isn't modifiable by user and isn't part of the skin graphics.

Thanks in advanced.

Mensajes Fri 27 Nov 20 @ 1:10 am
I love the way the library looks under this skin. Wish I could transfer this library view to other skins. It's awesome!!!!!

Mensajes Tue 22 Dec 20 @ 12:32 pm

Mensajes Tue 22 Dec 20 @ 11:56 pm