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ScooxHome userMember since 2018
The two FX I used in every set are Delay (Echo in VDJ) and Reverb, so they need to be up to scratch. VDJ's reverb tail is at most 5 seconds long and sounds echoey (as if it had some tremolo on it). The "Reverb" FX in Traktor can be configured to give you over 20 seconds of reverb tail and is buttery smooth. Is that sort of reverb possible in VDJ? thanks

Mensajes Mon 19 Nov 18 @ 9:54 am
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
I don't know in what way the Reverb params can be tweaked. But there a no other FX in the pro version.

Actually the Free version is a full Pro version for 10 Minutes each start of the software. Meaning you are able to Test any pro feature including controllers for 10 minutes each start.

Mensajes Mon 19 Nov 18 @ 12:57 pm
Scoox wrote :
Is that sort of reverb possible in VDJ? thanks

Yes, any reverb is possible.
Just find the 32-bit .VST effect implementation, and add it into VDJ

If you don't know how, here is an example:

I did a test with this free one:

When turned all the way up that gives you 15-20 sec when you pause the track (with fxProcessing set to post fader of course)

Mensajes Mon 19 Nov 18 @ 2:54 pm
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
OK I'll give that a go tomorrow. Merely pointing out the obvious here but reverb and delay are probably the two most frequently used effects so it would be in the VDJ's interest to provide a decent-sounding built-in reverb. The phaser effect is not very good either, but the stock echo effect and flanger effects are both good.

Mensajes Mon 19 Nov 18 @ 3:56 pm
The sky's the limit with VST plugins. Not really necessary to have any built in FX when you can pick & choose from thousands.

Traktor (and most other DJ software) can't do that.

Mensajes Mon 19 Nov 18 @ 5:22 pm
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
Built-in FX are more stable (theoretically).

Another huge omission in VDJ is the fact that FX don't have a dry/wet knob (a feature that was requested elsewhere on these forums over 6 years ago). Each FX has an on/off switch, next to it should be a dry/wet knob. For example, the built-in Echo effect has a single knob "Strenght" that kind of combines "Feedback" and "Dry/Wet" into a single knob, and does a poor job of it. Turning this knob hard-clockwise abruptly blocks the dry signal ("LOCK" is displayed instead of "100%") which doesn't sound very good, instead the Lock function should, if anything, be a separate button.

I'm finding VDJ superior to Traktor in almost every way but it doesn't quite deliver with the built-in FX.

On another thread someone recommended "TexZK Echo Doppler" and "TexZK Reverb". Under Setttings > Extensions > Effects > Audio Fx, I search for "Reverb" and I only get the built-in reverb with an option to uninstall it. If I search on the addons download page (, I can find Reverb by TexZK, but below it says "Your current licenses do not allow you to download Effects". I think this is what I meant when I said the paid version provides better effects.

Just curious, are effect addons actually VST plugins?

Mensajes Wed 21 Nov 18 @ 5:32 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
The effect add-ons in the extensions tab are native vdj effects. They use the VDJ API for this, so there are a few things they can do more than vst plugins.
The author of these add-ons can decide if the add-on is available for everyone, only plus users, or only pro users.

In terms of stability, it's obviously best to properly test before using live, but that advice pretty much goes for everything.

Mensajes Wed 21 Nov 18 @ 6:08 am
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
Cool thanks :)

Mensajes Wed 21 Nov 18 @ 6:22 am
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
OK today I finally got around testing this. Tested with TAL-REVERB-4:

1. No reverb tail. If I disable the effect, either from VDJ or using the plugin's own ON/OFF button, the reverb stops abruptly. I suppose the solution to this is to find a free plugin that can do reverb tails. I stress the word 'free' because I feel VDJ should be able to provide a decent reverb (such as Traktor's) with reverb tail out of the box. Lifetime upgrades are great but third-party effects require a separate license.

2. TAL-REVERB-4 looks tiny on my Surface Pro 4 display. I had a similar problem with FL Studio but later I learnt it has a "scaled" mode which makes plugin UIs bigger, maybe something like this is needed in VDJ unless there's already a workaround.

3. The VDJ UI could maybe expose at least 3 or 4 plugin parameters. Currently there are only two knobs that are mapped automatically to the first two parameters of the VST plugin and seemingly cannot be custom-mapped (but hopefully I'm wrong).

Finally, can you guys recommend a good free reverb plug that can do reverb tails and has a nice and big UI? Cheers.

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 3:20 am
I think you'll get the best results if you get used to turning down/off the deck instead of killing the effect and expecting it to still run
Then you can take advantage of post-fader fx processing and basically all effects

Regarding the 2 knobs gui and the small vst GUI, I would ignore it. I wouldn't have the time to look st it or mess around with it using the mouse while djing anyway. So I would simply map it so that I had the needed control at my fingertips while DJing. As you can see in my video above you can map more knobs and buttons

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 4:17 am
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
@klausmogensen I didn't realise there was an option to make FX post-fader, but I don't see how post-fader makes any difference. Basically, I'm need to do reverb tails because its a very versatile FX and works well with the kind of music I play. In Traktor, the deck's signal is split into Dry and Wet, and the FX is only applied to the Wet bit. Then there is a knob to adjust the wet-dry balance. All FX in Traktor are pre-fader. When the Reverb "FX unit" is turned off, it continues to output the tail that resulted from the last bit of audio. So if the last bit of audio was a C-Major chord, then the tail will sound only like a C-Major chord. The switch simply cuts the input to the reverb FX, but not its output. This works regardless of whether the reverb is applied pre-or post-fader.

In Traktor, if you need the effect to stop abruptly, without tailing, each deck has FX routing buttons to do this.

If I use post-fader FX in VDJ I can get the reverb tail effect but only if the deck stops playing audio, because that's the only way to prevent any audio reaching the reverb plugin.

Not saying Traktor is perfect either, for example, I wish it could have per-deck & per-FX send knobs. In Virtual DJ each deck has its own separate FX instance which gives you much more control than Traktor.

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 5:07 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Continuing to process an effect that is turned off is only available with VDJ plugins, VST plugins can't do that.
I haven't extensively tried TAL-Reverb, but I see it also has an On/Off button and wet/dry knobs.
Did you try if you can get a tail using these instead of turning off the effect in vdj?

You can access other sliders/button using vdjscript effect_button and effect_slider.

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 8:13 am
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
Yes, I have tried that, but the on/off button on the plugin disables all processing, just like disabling the plugin in VDJ.

I own Mulab MUX so I could patch up a reverb FX in parallel with the dry signal with a level control before the reverb, then map the level control to a button on my controller. That would get me what I want, with any reverb plugin. Otherwise it's a case of finding a reverb plugin that can switch off its input whilst still letting the dry signal through and the reverb tail. I have looked at a few but none of them can do it.

If someone knows a nice reverb that can do this, I'd much prefer that because with MUX it's a plugin inside a plugin inside VDJ, which spells trouble during a live set.

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 8:24 am
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
Just my opinion, it would be much better if FX were treated as "FX slots" or containers. Each FX slot would provide an on/off switch (like it does now) and a wet/dry knob, kind of like a crossfader between the dry and wet signals. Now here's the trick, the on/off switch could have a third state which turns the FX input OFF and then waits for the FX output to reach a certain level (e.g. -90dB) before taking the plugin offline. The left-click stops the FX immediately (just the way it works ATM), and the right-click is kind of like a "soft stop" which activates the third state. Because the dry/wet knob is outside the FX, we still can hear the dry signal and the reverb tail fading off and we can manually control the wet amount if we need to end a reverb tail prematurely.

Reverb tails are super useful, honestly. In Traktor I can briefly tap the reverb on/off switch on then off and that adds a tasteful touch of reverb that nicely fades out by itself, leaving my hands free to do something else.


Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 8:43 am
Scoox wrote :
Just my opinion, it would be much better if FX were treated as "FX slots"

It already is. That why you can assign different effects to different slots. The default gui only shows 3 slots but you can assign slot 4, 5 and 6 and so on if you like. It's all in how you script it

Scoox wrote :
In Traktor I can briefly tap the reverb on/off switch on then off and that adds a tasteful touch of reverb that nicely fades out by itself, leaving my hands free to do something else.

Yes, I do that too. Simply by starting the effect and then cutting off the track. Same with echo. Remember to set fxProcessing to post-fader for it to work

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 9:22 am
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
@klausmogensen That's the point, I don't want to cut off the track! I want the reverb to come and go gradually as the track continues to play.

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 9:58 am
xylumePRO InfinityMember since 2015
I custom map Filter and Echo together and separately so I can combine them when needed. I don't see why not, Reverb and Echo with or without Filters in a script or custom mapped to a custom button and the Echo would be your tail end. You could activate Reverb, then activate Echo, then deactivate Reverb, then it has a tail end. You can control the Strength and more and tune it to your liking.

effect_active 'Filter HP' & effect_active 'Echo'
effect_active 'Reverb'
effect_active 'Echo'

You can add or replace one with 'Reverb' and you can also activate/deactive by slot 1,2 and 3 or any combination you'd like.

effect_active 1 'Reverb' on or effect_active 1

Another good VST Plugin is Sanford Reverb (now free and 64bit) and it has early reflections (time, pan, level), Mix, Filter (locut, hicut), Reverb (damp, freeze), and Modulation (depth, speed) and the GUI's large, but I'm not sure if it'll do the tail end just like the other VST mentioned, but worth a try. I don't have it installed to test it out myself.

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 10:47 am
ScooxHome userMember since 2018
Thanks, I'm aware of all those features but it doesn't address the main issue. I use FX very conservatively I I don't like cheesy effects (such as flanger) so for me it's mainly just combinations of delay and reverb and I don't really care much for all the other FX Traktor may offer.lugin

From your replies I conclude VDJ cannot do reverb tails while the track continues to play, unless a third-party VST host (e.g. MUX or Image-Line Minihost Modular). The trick is to route the FX in parallel to the dry signal. I'll try those and see if it works well.

First-time users are going to judge the software on what it can do right off the bat so it'd be better if all this was standard functions. Just looking at the GUI there's absolutely hint that VDJ can host third-party plugins. I only know because it came up in a Google search, and it caught my eye only because I know what VST plugins are. Then I had to do a bit of digging to find out where I was supposed to put the plugin dll file. It works, and the power is there, but there's a steep learning curve that many users will find intimidating.

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 11:22 am
xylumePRO InfinityMember since 2015
I've edited my reply above. I'm sure VDJ2018 can accomplish this and can be configured to do so. I'd like to learn any new ways myself and I'll keep checking this thread for it to be all in one. Perhaps another option, someone can create and Addon for Reverb, with varous settings and tail end configured to a single button. Maybe the next version update will have what you're looking for. The programmers are working on the 64bit version and perhaps that's why it's not in VDJ2018 yet.

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 11:25 am
Scoox wrote :
there's absolutely hint

You mean there's "absolutely NO hint"? On the GUI, true - but it's in the manual now*.

* For a long time it wasn't even in the manual, and if I mentioned that on the forum, I tended to get shot down. I too think it would be advantageous to make it more obvious via the GUI - because unfortunately so many tend to dive in without even glancing at the manual.

Mensajes Sat 01 Dec 18 @ 11:49 am