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Pioneer DJ - DJM-S5 - Disposición  


With the EFFECTS section of the DJM-S5 you can apply software VirtualDJ Effects, select an Effects Bank, apply a Scratch Cutter Pattern, choose a Crossfader Curve etc

The Effects assigned to the 6 FX Slots of VirtualDJ can be selected from the GUI.

VirtualDJ - 6 Fx Slots layout




10 FX1 | CUT1
Select the 1st FX Slot
Invert the Volume Faders
11 FX2 | CUT2
Select the 2nd FX Slot
Select Smooth/Linear Curve for the Crossfader
12 FX3 | CUT3
Select the 3rd FX Slot
Select Scratch /Cut Curve for the Crossfader
13 FX1 | CUT4
Select the 4th FX Slot
Enable/disable the Crossfader Hotcue mode. When enabled, Track will jump to the selected Hotcue each time the Crossfader moves from one side to the other.
14 FX2 | CUT5
Select the 5th FX Slot
Loads the Effects saved to FX Bank A
15 FX3 | CUT6
Select the 6th FX Slot
Loads the Effects saved to FX Bank B
Apply the selected (from the FX|CUT buttons) VirtualDJ Effects to the assigned Left/Right deck.
Half/double the Beats of the VirtualDJ Effects of all 6 FX Slots simultaneously (if available)
Adjust the 1st Parameter of the VirtualDJ Effects of all 6 FX Slots simultaneously

Multiple Effects can be selected and applied when more than 1 FX|CUT button are pressed

Scratch CUTTER

Press and hold one of the 6 FX | CUT buttons for more than 1 second to enable the Scratch Cutter mode and select one of the 6 pre-defined patterns. The led of the selected Scratch Cutter will be lit solid, while all other 5 buttons will be turned off.
While Scratch Cutter mode is enabled, use the 6 FX | CUT buttons to select a different pattern.
To disable the Scratch Cutter mode, press and hold any of the 6 FX | CUT buttons.

Apply the selected Scratch Cutter pattern to Left/Right Deck by turning on the Left/Right LEVER paddle.

Start scratching - moving the platter back and forth on beat (or other timing). For some patterns, you can select the BEAT < for double speed or BEAT > for normal speed.
The Scratch Cutter patterns can be applied using any controller with touch-sensitive jogwheels or DVS (Timecode Vinyl/CD).

While Scratch Cutter mode is selected, you can also apply VirtualDJ Effects by holding MODE button and selecting a FX Slot with the FX | CUT buttons.

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-qYtIfsC6Y