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MICROPHONE - Voice Transformer

This section offers Pitch/Volume/Effect controls for the Microphone Input

  1. MIC SWITCH Turns the microphone input on/off, or selects ducking (a feature that lowers the output volume of non-mic sound when the mic input is active).
    The PEAK indicator lights when the mic input level is excessive.

  2. AUTO PITCH When enabled (led is list solid) the sung note is corrected to the nearest note chromatically.

    Use SHIFT+ AUTO PITCH, to use the Key of a VirtualDJ deck for the pitch correction. This will correct the sung note into notes that are in "Key" with the song playing. The pitch is corrected according to the key data of the channel selected by the [SHIFT] + [CUE] buttons.

  3. LEVEL Adjusts the output volume of the microphone input

  4. HI Adjust the volume of the high-frequency region.

  5. LOW Adjust the volume of the low-frequency region.

  6. PITCH Adjusts the pitch of the voice.

  7. FORMANT Adjusts the formant of the voice. Turning the knob in the “-” (minus) direction gives the sound a more masculine character; turning it in the “+” (plus) direction gives the sound a more feminine character.

  8. REVERB Adjusts the amount of the reverb effect to the Microphone input signal

Note : Most of the following information have been copied from the official Roland DJ-808 Manual

Read further details about the VT - Microphone in the Roland DJ-808 manual
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