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VirtualDJ offers a specialized set of folders that are exclusive to the software. Each folder offers a specific function that will help organize and search your file library easier and more efficiently.

You may want to define a collection of directories which are most frequently used. For example, “Hits of Today” or “My Music” The best solution is using the Favorite Folders. Think of Favorite Folders as Shortcuts to a folder in the operating system.

Select a folder (or a subfolder) from the Folder List and click on the favorite folder button (in the Side Toolbar) to set this folder as a Favorite (or right-click on the same folder and choose this option from the offered menu). The Favorite folder will be then added at the bottom of your Folder List as a clone and will get a special icon.

Favorite folders are mainly used to provide quick access to folders that you frequently visit and get constantly updated along with the original folder (monitored).

Right-click on a Favorite Folder to Remove or Rename it (can have a different name from the original), or even create a subfolder and other offered Batch operations such as Add/Remove to/from Search DB, analyze for BPM etc.

Favorite Folders will carry all their sub-folders, along with all the nested Virtual or Filter Folders. Any changes done on either the original or the Favorite folder will apply on both.

Virtual Folders are an alternative option to playlists. Virtual Folders are part of the VirtualDJ Database and get updated if any track is renamed, moved or deleted. A virtual folder contains a collection of shortcuts to the files and not the actual files themselves. Adding a file to a Virtual Folder will not move it from its original folder (path) as it contains only the paths of the files.

Click on the Virtual Folder button from the Side Toolbar to the left of the Folders List. A pop-up window will be displayed to type a name for the new Virtual Folder. Click OK and the Virtual Folder will be then displayed at the bottom of the Folders List.

If a folder, a Favorite folder or another Virtual folder is in focus (highlighted) at the time of creation, the new Virtual folder display it in the Root menu. This is where the Virtual Folder will be nested. Selecting the Root selection from the menu will add the newly created Virtual folder to the bottom of the Folders List.

Once a Virtual Folder is created, drag and drop any files from the File List over the Virtual folder, to add. Batch select files (using a mouse click + SHIFT or CTRL) to add files to the folder faster.
Virtual Folders can be dragged and moved to new positions in the Folders List and nested inside other folders. However, Virtual Folders cannot be nested in Filter Folders or playlists (itunes, crates, etc).

Filter folders dynamically organize a collection of files by applying conditions that automatically filter (search) the database for files that match the criteria outlined.

To get you started, VirtualDJ comes with a few (by default) in the blue folder listed as Filters. These Filters are commonly used and make finding and organizing your music library a whole lot easier.

The default Filter Folders are as follows:
Filter Behavior
Compatible songs
Displays songs that are compatible with the currently playing active deck that have a difference of 4 BPM or less and 1 key change
Expanding this folder will show songs grouped by the decade
Expanding this folder will provide the option to sort duplicate files by name and size or by tag.
Expanding this folder will display songs grouped by their tagged Genre
Last played
Displays the last 50 songs played in VirtualDJ
Most played
Displays your 50 most played songs in VirtualDJ
Recently added
Displays the last 50 songs added to the VirtualDJ database

creating your own filter folders

Click on the Filter Folder button from the Side Toolbar to the left of the Folder List. A pop-up window will be displayed to type a name for the new Filter Folder. Name the folder and click OK.

Right after the folder is created, the Filter Folder will appear on the bottom of the Folder List and will display the Filter Folder Criteria window. Dropdown menus are provided to make it simple to create filters and to help with the syntax. Fields and Operators can be clicked on to add them to the filter criteria instead of typing it out. Once a Filter Folder is created, it can be moved by dragging and dropping to a new position.

As the syntax is typed for the filter, the content of the Filter Folder is automatically filled with the files that match the filter criteria in the background.

You can also click on Add Conditions to create additional filter criteria for a single filter.

When additional conditions are added a Match submenu will appear. The dropdown will provide the option to select if the filter can operate if any condition is met or if all conditions are met.

Filter Folders can be nested inside normal folders, Favorite Folders and Virtual Folders. If the folder has focus (highlighted) when the Filter Folder button is pressed, the folder will nest itself inside that folder. By default, Filter Folders will apply to the entire Database if not nested inside another folder.

Clicking on the Advanced checkbox will provide the ability to create more complex and advanced filters and will display a Scope Menu. The scope menu will allow either results from the entire database, the folder itself or from its sub-folders (recursive) depending on the selection made.

Right-click the Filter Folder to reveal it’s options menu to Load the content from the folder to Automix, Rename or Delete the folder, Edit the filter criteria, Search with GeniusDJ , and perform batch operations such as Add to Search DB, analyze for BPM etc.


Expected result
isscanned=1 (or isscanned=0)
Offers all tracks of Database that have been analyzed (or not yet)
top 100 nbplay
Top 100 tracks based on the Play Count field
top 100 firstseen
Top 100 recently added tracks
bpm>120 and bpm<130
Tracks that have BPM between 120 and 130
year>=1980 and year<1990
Tracks with Year between 1980 and 1990 (80’s)
days since lastplay<31
Tracks played the last 30 days (last month)
lastplay=0 (or Play Count=0)
Tracks that never been played
Play Count > 1
Tracks that have been played at least once
type=video (or =video or =karaoke)
Tracks that are Audio (or video or Karaoke)
hascover=1 (or hascover=0)
tracks that have (or not) any Cover
sort by bpm (or sort by bpm invert)
Sort entire database by lowest to highest BPM (or highest to lowest)
Precomputed Stems =1
gather all files that have pre-computed Stems

More Filter examples are available at
Música en Internet